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  1. we use VoicePulse Connect. <$0.01/min outbound, $11/mo for each inbound line.
  2. I would be more interested in using a DVB PCI card or USB device and doing all the work in software -- no serial cables to mess with and the power to set things up exactly as you please. But right now I have digital cable.
  3. How do you know your PIN is on there? My credit Visa card has no PIN that I'm aware of (as it does not function as a debit card) and my debit Visa and MasterCards' PINs can be changed as often as I desire.
  4. I see the Verizon payphones in Akron at locations, here in AT&T territory. Reminds me of this payphone with an identity crisis I found outside of a McDonalds in Virginia near Interstate 77, two years ago.
  5. we use VoicePulse's new rates on our phones at work, and asterisk is set up to tell you the per-cent cost of a call before it dials. most of my calls have been to cellular numbers or local Ameritech exchanges, and were $0.005 or $0.006 here in Ohio. there was an odd $0.009 call; it may have been a call made to Utah. but, I have yet to make any call costing greater than $0.010
  6. providers still keep track of phones' IMEI, so even if you switch SIMs regularly, you can still get "caught". some criminal in Europe got caught that way because he used the same phone twice.
  7. I prefer AEL for most things.
  8. What carrier is Nufone now using? Their US48 DID selection is pathetically lacking...
  9. go for a smart phone and buy a real digital camera
  10. my number was not working properly at first. I tried the SIP setup; I could register okay, but couldn't receive calls. same result in IAX, at first. I then tried SIP again, and with the IAX debugging settings still on, I realized I was receiving incoming calls via IAX even though I was registered over SIP (!). I complained and they "rebuilt my account", and it's worked fine since then... Their website/interface definitely isn't the nicest in the world.
  11. The provider Nufone is now using for termination does not properly transmit caller ID to my or my friends' Cingular phones.
  12. I cancelled my nufone number & now I'm stuck with $10 of credit. Guess I'll use it for outgoing, although it's not adequate for calling Cingular cell phones here. oh, and after getting incoming calls set up, my asterlink DID has been fine.
  13. Yes. although, I have very low volume usage. Never had any problems. Not only do they charge you 2.9 c min^-1, they charge you in 60s increments. Setup is fast (instant), however, and they've got numbers from xo and glbx.
  14. Nufone termination is going through another provider. According to their call details pages, it appears to be going through some sort of SIP network. I only noticed because caller ID no longer goes through to my Cingular cell. Caller ID seems to work from Nufone to other destinations. This isn't the first caller ID problem I've had with my phone; up until very recently, VoipJet would never show caller ID on Cingular's network here. Now, VoipJet shows caller ID and even supports numbers less than 10 digits long (like Nufone did), and they don't prepend 1 to calls (meaning that calls show up with a + in front of them if you don't set your caller ID with 1).
  15. I don't think that GSM phones have NAM menus