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  1. Link: Enjoy
  2. Wtf.. This doesn't describe me at all but whatever:
  3. Direct connect + net stat works, I think. Call me on it if I'm wrong, but I've done it pretty recently..
  4. Cain might be able to do it..
  5. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in H:\*******\public_html\upload\ip.php on line 9
  6. Check logs if they have 'em.. best you can do. Otherwise, leave it alone. Schools don't like you touching their stuff no matter how much you're trying to help.
  7. Will the code replax posted actually log the IP address, or will it just display it? Edit: When I try uploading replax's script to my server it says there's an error. Ideas?
  8. So center image is the updated cam? I haven't seen any activity thus far..
  9. I'm not certain they use screenshots, I simply figured it was a necessity. Obviously, with VNC, that's not true. Sorry, this is obviously not plausible - my mistake. It would be nice to send a spoofed image to the people watching you, though.
  10. Obviously it's overwritten constantly. There's no way that each individual computer or even the main computer is going to store every capture. Would there be a way to get the program to stop overwriting the file, or to get it to continually send the same file? Possibly make it read-only?
  11. Okay, so maybe you go to a school where they have a program to monitor what you're doing. To do that, they have to use screen capture, meaning they probably have to take a picture and send it over and over. (Correct me on any of this if I've got it wrong) So, wouldn't it be possible to figure out what the file is that they're capturing, take one screenshot, overwrite it, and broadcast that back to them permanently?