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  1. At my highschool they have a deadly filtering system set up. The server is the main way that they block you or thats how they block us. All they have a information system that runs in the background and monitors youre site that you visit and how many times that you visit it. My suggestion is that if you find a proxy server that work dont tell any one. Also i rcently bought a 1gb flashdrive. I have a anonomys proxy program that im allowed to run from it. That helps me the most. Also if you can get youre hands on a hardware keylogger for a cheap price install it in the computer, and get tech guy or admin pass. That how i do most stuff, ive got admin. Try cain or john the ripper.
  2. I am going to hook up a switch to where i can use it on my mini frig in my room. also gonna try to make one for xbox and xbox360
  3. Ello again everyone. I have just made my own universal remote that can cut on my stereo, router, computer, and of course tv. What i did was simply took the units out of each item that was the power mechanism and soldered it on to the universal remote microchip. It works like a charm.
  4. Is this possible to make a usb 512mb into a linux boot disk
  5. Any good sites out there for this kind of stuff?
  6. Are there any modifications or hax for the iriver h300 series??? i mean like skinns: do not disconnect menus skined menus power icon skins etc.
  7. are there any websites with detailed instuctions on how to do this. plz let me know as soon as possible. p.s. i would like to know how to make it into a server thx*
  8. what the fuck are you talking about? you cant pull shit out of an xbox to put in a computer, because there isnt anything to pull out. i guess a fan or something, but thats it. ← no there an intel chip and a motherboard...worthy of a try. :go:
  9. WTF i tryed it and its messed up. There isnt even any customer asistance. GAY SHIT
  10. Does anyone know if xbox components are compatible in gateway or any type of computer. If so which ones. Also are there anysites that show the specs of a computer if you inserted these components into it.
  11. Hey my dad has this shitty old KDS running Win. Me. Are there any good hacks or shit. Plz let me know T3h H4x0r
  12. all that lets u do is upload i need a website that has a virtual storage facility that i can just run a program off of it.
  13. Use backtrack to dump the sam hashes into a file, then send those hash files to plain-text for cracking. I had a pretty complex one and it cracked it in 29 minutes. Here's a whole tutorial provided from google! Props to irongeek for the video. This of course won't do you any good if you're on a domain. And yes, get a thumbdrive, they're friggin cheap. ← does anyone know of any entirely free off-site storage???
  14. I need to know how to find the admin without having to download a prgm. or is there a way around this problem. Can i download something to another place. Have you heard of any kind of off-site download progm that u can run off the internet instead of downloading it to the harddrive. THX?!?!?!
  15. Try a keylogger. ← i have cain & abel