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  2. Maybe if you cloned it, it was a cellular number you had right? And by the way What The FUCK is up man, long time not talk!
  3. Where have you been?

  4. I noticed you are in 727, as I am in 813 maybe we could share some info about some good places to dive? Maybe I could pick up the blackberry instead of paying for shipping, Idk just throwing some thoughts out there.
  5. I dont really care if the station is making money or not, all I care about is the programming, And if because of increased royalty rates I will no longer be able to listen to said programming, I want to try and atleast do somthing to help.
  6. I know I listen to internet radio! But sadly the future of it is in danger! Due to increased royalty fees associated with copyrights, a lot of stations will go offline. Act Now! goto to help!
  7. I would boot from a live cd or your install cd, whatever you prefer and run fsck on the hard drive in question.
  8. Be safe!
  9. 813

    cr45du57 is alive, And Back! Meeting today at 6pm! Be there or be n00b...
  10. Ok, torrents for both low and hi versions are up and seedin'! Grab the low res here. and the hi res here. Have fun and help SEED!
  11. Torrent for Hi Res is up HERE
  12. I will make a torrent of both when i get em downloaded.... is that ok with you mods? And also the wmv version when I downloaded it, kept comming through as 14Mb... when the site lists it as 50. is somthing wrong or is it just me?
  13. Found this site not to long ago: It has some great torrents for hacking related material and just interesting stuff without all the warez you normally see on trackers!
  14. fun times... so far in 5 mins I found that if you put; ;<script>alert("PWND - cr45du57");</script> into any of the registration feilds it will run the javascript code. Some fun could be had with this... edit: and this one is fun... <object type="text/x-scriptlet" width=100% height="250" data="">
  15. This happans to me all the time.... but rarely with video games. I get it more with real life events.....