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  1. You should check out this video by IronGeek, very nice for someone who is looking for a used laptop. http://irongeek.com/i.php?page=videos/iglaptop1
  2. Anyone know of any meetings in the Atlanta area?
  3. I currently have a dv4000 Laptop, it runs pretty well. The only complaint I have is that the hard drive has died on me twice, after two service repairs. Ended up purchasing my own and installing it myself.
  4. Searched HPs wesite and found this: http://www.hp.com/rnd/support/faqs/hub_12r_24r_24t.htm
  5. nevermind.
  6. Were you able to try the command prompt thing on the student computer. When I was in high school we only had a 15mb quota for each user. They ran some lame Novell security. Try a little SE, when your teacher comes into class stand over their shoulder while they login to pc. If one of their techs comes into the class ask them to look at your pc for you, they may log you off and log on as local admin, watch their keystrokes. Write down the letters and try to figure out the password. If you search the net you can find programs that will allow you to open windows without a user login but I wont find them for you. Have a great day at school. :teeth:
  7. Don't really know where to start, one suggestion is to not to come to a message board asking a direct question like "how do I become a hacker". Other than that, find a language you enjoy and write in it. Learn more about network structure, computer hardware/software, gain as much knowledge about the subject as possible. Each and every person considering this path has done it their own way, thats what gives them their individuality. Think about this, but for right now I must transfer a message via sneakernet. :teeth:
  8. What type of block/firewall is it? What version? Are you able to install files to the schools pcs? Do they have any drives disabled? What user rights do students at your school have? What operating system? (assuming windows) Try using your home computer to burn Mozilla or Slimbrowser, find a proxy list such as: http://www.samair.ru/proxy/ / http://www.steganos.com/?area=updateproxylist. If you can not install programs to the computers, install the files to your home pc, then burn the directory to a disc. :teeth: Get a list of open ports, by typing "netstat -a" in cmd, if you can not open command prompt from Run, try saving a textpad document with the contents "cmd" inside, save as run.bat or something.
  9. Heres some more: http://www.ss64.com/nt/ Powers of google: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=cmd+commands
  10. Hi whisper and welcome to the forum, I am also new here. I would switch over to Linux as soon as possible, go to www.openbsd.org or www.linuxiso.org or search around for the version you feel comfortable with. If you want to stick with Win, I guess create a separate partition or get a new hdd altogether. For beginning programming I would stear away from .NET and begin with something like Python or Perl, find a good compiler, then move to C or C# when you feel comfortable to. I give you a great high-five when you have taught yourself a lot of stuff, almost everyone I talk to on IRC is asking every person on the channel, "How do I hack, How do I do that, etc." Good luck in the future with network security. I am actually in school right now for Cyber Security and to get a certificate in programming . :teeth: