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  1. i was under the impression that backtrack2 came with a nice gui installer that would do that for you.
  2. http://www.rfc.net/
  3. try this "Powerful Network Management Tool For Ubuntu" it was mentioned on "The Linux Link Tech Show" http://wicd.sourceforge.net/
  4. here you can try to hack this http://tinyurl.com/i95vfl
  5. well when i get lonely at night i eat food.
  6. some one posted this on another forum i am involved in and this was also posted but looks fishy sorry for the length but i am guessing they were just coppied and pasted which i have done right now.
  7. have you heard of a program called ProcessTamer: http://rapidshare.de/files/36059637/ProcessTamer.exe (put on rapid share by my friend not me)
  8. just a question would i be safer using the tor addon to firefox plus privoxy or would i be safer using the the torrify browser?
  9. replies that, dont make any, sense and have no, proper grammer are fun?
  10. if you can get him to email you with the e-mail account you can see the ip address in microsoft outlook (i think i don't use it anymore) i am not sure about thunder bird.
  11. well as long as you are not as skidde as this forum that i am in then you are doing ok. there used to be psp section on the older version of the forum but it got taken out. Now it is where script kidde's spawn from.
  12. i am not positive but can you right click the link and go to save as and save it in windows
  13. i run backtrack and i was almost positive that there was a gui install i just checked and it is under system and third down from the top is the gui installer. i saw i video on how to do it before but the gui is easy to follow so i don't think you will have any problems. but i am sure a google search will turn it up.
  14. I showed binrev and hackTV to my friends at my computer club and they loved it so we decided to make our own episode for it and I was wondering if there was anthying you people would want to see because we got some very smart people and i am sure we could do it.