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  1. *buff* nvm it was stupid
  2. nvm done
  3. ehh i can't even go to command prompt or for the disc, i tried to repair it, but the disc saids i don't have any drive apperances... o well format...i don't know how to get to the window's directory in linux...well any one want to teach me?
  4. my problem is that my computer won't start up..into window xp..., and it returns:"there are some files corrupted 'or something like that.. it is windows root\system32\hal.dll and needs to be reinstall.. btw i cannot goto safe mode....because the boot menu isn't showing up the safe mode option,, so please help me. I don't have a copy of windows xp so i can't repair it..this computer i have just came with window xp....Dell... can i use a copy of linux and go to windows directory and put the file in the window's os file??
  5. uh oh the 2nd egg is gone.. anyone know what happened to it? This is sad for the eagle couples.
  6. thankyou
  7. I was trying to install knoppix on another computer, and i have problems. When i was attemping to install knoppix, my Konsole told me that i need root permission. Any help? Do i need to change the config. of the root?
  8. one more thing.. its about google. i google something..and it came up with bunch of doc i m curious of all of those docs.what are those?
  9. hmm anyone could confirm that?
  10. type help to get help in the command prompt
  11. o. it will....
  12. lmao If you don't know what you're saying, don't reply. :nono: Myspace fricking patched it, so its not you or your friend trigger the patch.
  13. um..i m still confuse about the location where you were caught...were the teacher beside you or you were taking the class and the teacher was away?? (off topic), i m not sure if somebody did something or bugz. Few days ago, there was a serious problem in my school during my computer class. The server of my school's frozed for approximately 30 minutes. In that 30 minutes, some computer tech guy came in and tried to fix the server, and it was fixed nervertheless. i was amazed by their ractions, because our computer teacher don't know what to do except telling us to finish our meanless web-site.
  14. i figured what my problem was. I wasn't able to purchase the memory card for my phone. I forgot the whole memory card thing.......512mb....