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  1. So who is this tron fellow anyway?
  2. Are there any date suggestions? I'm going to be gone the weekend of the 26th this month.
  3. Yeah I've finally moved into my dorm room in chicago and I'd be available for a random meetup I suppose.
  4. Was there a 2600 article on this subject a little while back?
  5. I live in Orland and can get downtown easily enough. Hell, I'll be living down there next fall when I go to school. I'm interested in getting to a meeting if you're still having them. EDIT: if you need to get a hold of me send me a pm
  6. It looks like an impressive little machine. I'm actually considering buying one.
  7. I took up python as a starter language a while back. It's decent in that it should teach you about proper indentation(readable code), and general programming concepts(loops, control structures, basic OOP stuff) without all of the harmful syntax that you see in most languages. It's also quite easy to pick up, and it has a fairly useful interactive window thing in the IDE that you can use to test some quick code. If you're looking for a book, 'Learning Python' comes well recommended. Clicky. 'Dive Into Python' is also a well recommended book on the subject. Clicky2
  9. The NSA?
  10. Think of the poor record store owner.
  11. Doing this at school isn't the wisest thing ever. In my experience, fooling around in the command prompt is something that admins don't like students do. If you decide to putz around with it at school or whatever, make sure you know where you're sending your message... IE: not *.
  12. IIRC, you should be able to disable remote access as well. Do that.
  13. Secure your WiFi.
  14. How are people supposed to find their long lost pals if they can't do searches? However, profiles still should be private from anything if the user wants them to be. Children under 18 should have profiles that are made private in a manditory fashion. (Did you know there are over 800 registered sex offenders USING THEIR REAL NAMES and INFO on myspace alone? Those are the ones who have been confirmed.)