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  1. hahaha i went to the sender's address to.... for yahoo directions = click mail options -> general preferences -> show all headers very easy, just throwing it out... funny site tho!
  2. winME came installed on my laptop and i hated it b/c it crashed all the time. you should downgrade to win98se b/c it's the shit windows. by edit splash screen... you mean edit out or edit the pic? the pic i think is installed as "logo.sys" and like "logow.sys" or something like that... open them in your photo editting shit and goto town.. or just rename it and rename your picture file to logo.sys..
  3. why does it do this tho? the files are owned by the user and group, so a simple chmod 600 should do it. i want these files to be **0, too. i was just wondering whattup w/ that
  4. i have still not gotten mine yet *cries*.. i'll get their fucking spam but not that..... :blowfuse:
  5. the permissions are so that the user can access it, and i did man chown before i used it and the files are owned by the user and usergroup of the user. it all looks just fine, but the user cannot access it. i su-ed the user and chmoded it top 777 and got in. now there's a 660 folder which the user cannot access, but there's a 600 file that they can read and write... iono....
  6. okay, so i have folders and files i created and did as root and moved them to a user account. i then chown-ed them using user:group and chmod 660-ed them, but the user cannot get into the main folder they're in, which was also copied, even tho ls -la lists it as belonging to the user and the user's group. ideas?.... also, if i fucked up the copying, i can recopy them, but iono any options that'd help. thx guys..
  7. no, just to passwd, passwd-, group, group-... :borg:
  8. i did check all that.. but that wasn't the prob.... i should've checked permissions. "chmod 644 passwd passwd- group group-" fixed all... so ppl, moral is: don't chmod 600 the passwd and group files in /etc/ :paw: :pirate:
  9. i've added users manually and done the 'adduser' script, still nothing for all users... i didn't edit any major system files either, so i don't know what is going on. [edit] the hostname exists, it's just not posted.. even tho it doesn't matter
  10. iono if i fucked anything up or not... the user, test, is in the passwd file and group file and everything should be fine and dandy. i'm n00 to linux and am running slack 9.1. anyone got ideas?
  11. shit... didn't see that... sorry for sloppy seconds
  12. you all prolly know about this by now, but here's a post about it: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=stor...tc_cmp/17501190
  13. *looks around and mutters* opera! just b/c i love it...
  14. the 2nd page says should i put it back? or someone else want to? :borg: :monk: :jawa: :omfg:
  15. god i had to learn vi for a class... couldn't use anything else. then, *cue music* pico came and entered my life.. *heavenly "aaahhh" sound* also, yeah, i was also confused b/c man doesn't normally open in vi... also in vi, "q!" quits w/out saving..