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  1. O RLY? ← this thread makes me want to burn my eyes out with hot lightbulbs. ← What, are we playing the quote game now? ← I love this game!!!
  2. C++ makes a great starting language. Although I would recommend C instead, C++ is just for people who suck at C (but that may just be the elitist in me speaking ). I learned C as my first language and if anything I am a better programmer now because of it. Something like python is made to make programming easy, but programs in python run slower, its harder to do a lot of lower level things, and it doesn't give you the level of control that C does. When learning I think you want as much control at your fingertips as possible so that you can play around with everything and get a more complete understanding. ← I agree im learning c right now and all my other friends are learning other languages and ive noticiced i have a lot more control. I'm probably guna (a word where im from) learn c++ next and then c#.