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  1. You could always go to the national gu convention instead, which is being held the same weekend as Defcon.
  2. I'll definately be checking this out.
  3. I've actually seen that sticker before, and I kind of liked the idea of it. Taken in october
  4. Wow, I wouldn't have even noticed that unless you told me. Very nice, I like the plainness of everything.
  5. No comment...
  6. They actually did tests with it on a few home rooms this year; which adds up to about 90 kids, plus teachers. THe school didn't buy the eye scanner (singular, there is one in the front office as of right now, but there will be more when we return to school), the company that makes the scanners gave them to the school to test out for a year or so and then buy it if they like it.
  7. In a related story, my high school now has eye scanners so the teachers will not have to take attendance. I personally will not allow my eye to be put on file.
  8. A nice little kit from novell (want some floppy disks?)
  9. Yea, take out the "visit us" thing, but I think it would be cool if you left the space where it was blank, and then had the url.
  10. has some good themes
  11. It really depends upon what window manager you are using
  12. There have been multiple threads about this, please do a search first.
  13. Awesome, thanks a lot.
  14. This is my first time using flux, so Im still getting used to it. I like it pretty well. Now if I could only figure out how to put on a new wallpaper
  15. First post from the new Slack 10 box running flux