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  1. Also a beginner here for the most part.I got a sickness with this stuff that I cant stop.This site I am told will help my urges.Also I have looked around on other boards and i really like the "no flaming newbs" that is here.You can never learn if you never ask any questions.Great site.
  2. Hi

    Hey Jambit,just a couple books Ive been reading as a noob also are Computer Security Basics and,believe it or not,Hacking for Dummies.The first one is a little dry but answered alot of my questions.The second is also ok,more marketed to a beginner.It will pretty well explain in normal terms the procedure for safeguarding your stuff.This site also is really good.Since a buddy told me about it,I read here as much as i can.Hope they help you some.Im also tryin to get all the reading material I can find right now.