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  1. As an assumption, I believe it is to prevent someone from using large amounts of bandwidth by searching repeatedly in short succession, which may have been the obvious conclusion, but mostly true =-\ It is most likely just a 'to make sure' feature.
  2. That would be a base64 encryption, using Cain and Abel, you can decode any base64 string by going into the 'Base64 Password Decoder' or using a site like such: http://makcoder.sourceforge.net/demo/base64.php The string you posted: RDpcUGhvdG9zXEVkaXRzXEZpbmFsc1xhbmltYWxzX3BsYW50c19uYXR1cmVcZG9tZXN0aWNhbmltYWxzXElNR180MjI2LmpwZw== Decoded: D:\Photos\Edits\Finals\animals_plants_nature\domesticanimals\IMG_4226.jpg
  3. I've been hanging out in a friend's clan's teamspeak server and we've been having Guest1's and people we don't know joining and harassing us, after banning they just rejoin, singing horribley, stupid stuff like that. We would just keep banning them but that get's really annoying after a while and we just wanna play the game. I check out their IP, ping returns nothing, we are under the impression it's either a large group of people or its a couple people using spoofed IP's, port scanning returns no ports open every time. Is there anything we can do (they have the IP so taking it off the public list is no solution, neither is passwording it as we do get legitimate people from game servers joining and having a pass would be inefficient.
  4. Nice bypass that you found there, knowing photobucket however it's doubtful you can find many interesting images from people. But regardless...
  5. Not to be a noob or anything but i'm confused about the code. Inside the preg_match_all function there is the pattern '/<DownloadURL>(.*)<\/DownloadURL>'. I'm not too good at PHP yet, do I put in a URL from photobucket or the destination for downloading the results of the script? Thanks for any help.
  6. Yessir I did, I tried lots of things to that sort, basically I did everything the article told me to try without making a mistake. Unless saving the file messes it up or something with the TextEdit program, but the only other thing on there is word and that wouldn't be too much different/better.
  7. I followed the tips and had tried again, to no avail. It refuses to let me open .pkg's, and the Terminal gives me a message saying 'The system admin has set your user account to restrict access for this program' or something of the sorts. I tried using the installer program, it asks for root account login, I tried downloading a program to open .pkg, not allowed.
  8. I see your point Prof Bagel, and it is a good one, however the only class I have (being a senior in high school) that I actually have a while to access the computers without a teacher walking around looking at my screen is study hall. It's about 15 kids and the teacher knows me very well, so I wouldn't really be able to SE him into getting me that kind of access, the teachers really don't even know how to get access like that themselves. Edit: I tried various attempts at doing what the article tells you to do and it still blocks my permissions. I have a feeling they have some other application that blocks things from running, either that or I am not doing it right at all. I tried opening info.plist in a text editor (TextEdit) and renamed it and back to refresh it, and it still says I don't have permission to run it. If anyone else can help I'd appreciate it.
  9. As I mentioned in the reply to your PM, thank you for the article, i'll be sure to subscribe, it's a very handy magazine, lots of interesting information. Also n3xg3n, thanks for the tip on the proxy, however I meant running programs on the machines without network root access, not bypassing internet firewall. But again, I appreciate the help from both of you, thanks a lot
  10. Hey all, my school runs a bunch of Mac OS X computers on a large network (pretty slow, despite the T1 line). Now, they of course have your typical firewall, and they have started to block sites with games and stuff. Proxies used to work last year but they have started to monitor the access to proxy sites and block them individually. I could tunnel but the problem is, I don't have permission to open almost anything program wise... Is there anything I can do? (I tried booting from a CD, no dice)
  11. I'm trying to repeat it again, to remember what exactly I did, I remember messing with the link, deleting the information from it, so at one point in the registration process I must have and it worked. This is what the registration link looks like basically. http://turnitin.com/newuser_join.asp?svr=6...601917b14fea713 If you delete everything after newuser_join.asp you get a blank window with a prev and next button, next just goes back to the beginning however. Play around with it, i'll try to get the exact process down to a tutorial. Sorry for the inconvenience... EDIT: I just did it again, this is basically exactly what I did: 1) Went to newuser_type.asp from the Main Page, set type to Instructor, hit Next 2) Do not enter anything into ID or password, go to the URL with is newuser_join.asp?svr=#&r=#&session-id=#andletters and change newuser_join.asp to newuser_email.asp, keeping the stuff after the ?, press Enter 3) Enter in an email for login, doesn't have to exist, Next button 4) Enter a password for login, has to include number, Next button 5) Select a secret question and input any secret answer, Next button 6) Enter a first and last name, I used something like Cool Dude, Next button 7) You will reach the agreement page, I did two different things here in an attempt to see which did it 7a) I either just went directly to the URL, newuser_agreement.aspblahblah and changed it to newuser_complete.asp and hit enter 7b) Or, I hit I agree, it brings up a page saying there was an error, hit the browser Back button, then did 7a). 8) It should work, if not, wait a while, they may just take a bit to actually create the account. If this STILL doesn't work, I will keep trying Update: I have confirmed it takes a few minutes to create the account, so if you get a login failed message don't give up! If you would like proof this works, try logging in with this account: lamer[-at-]noob.com lmfao1 (yes, I know, dumb email, I was in a hurry =-P)
  12. I kind of over exaggerated my hatred for the site, but I just find it annoying when schools like mine start to post grades on one site and now they want to have people turn in papers and assignments on another, it may sound like a good idea but most people just don't know how to properly use computers, so it makes life difficult for the people that do. But that is besides the point, I am glad you find my first post to be a good one. I will continue to try to find problems with their site when I have the time, thank you for hosting a nice site such as this where I can further learn about the parts of the internet not easily available to people (thank god for that).
  13. I was snooping around on their website and found a tiny little bug/exploit that some of you may find of interest. If you go to create a new user it in bold specifies that to make an instructor you need a code and password given to you by your 'system admin' because they purchased the software. I messed around a bit and here's what I basically did. The newuser.asp links go in this order. Edit: Sorry, wrong order =-\ newuser_type.asp newuser_join.asp newuser_email.asp newuser_password.asp newuser_secret.asp newuser_profile.asp newuser_agreement.asp newuser_complete.asp I set my type, then in the URL I set join to email, completely bypassing the need to enter a valid key and password, i went through it with fake information up to agreement, where instead of clicking 'I accept', I set my URL straight to complete. This created an instructor account for me without even validating the ID and password, I tried logging in and it worked. Just something interesting I found yesterday, hope someone finds a use for it.