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  1. How can I bid against a hacker Icon from the X Files... " Shivers " :mumble: ohh yeah so howZ Mulder really doing??? :grr:
  2. All I want is the NPA.php .... AHHHHH :grr:
  3. People I run into that see me dialing a whole slew of numbers at a payphone look distressed, then mummble to themselves, just loud enough for me to hear, that " that guy must be a Hacker " Dude I swear, just because I am Biegh boxing a payphone, and dialing through several other PBXs, doesn't make me a hacker, although in the long run, I will be getting online from the same payphone, once all my diverts are in place .. so ... shit .... ohh well! :grr:
  4. naw. something happened to me that was pretty cool last night. my old gf that left me came back to me and im about to go and hang out with her. dont need the sex machine thing. is anyone thinking about buying this??? :jawa: :monk: :jawa: sniff sniff ... damn theres that smell again .. almost smells like ... Sniff ... BULLSHIT ... :grr:
  5. Once i fully get my shit together I will give you the AT&T and Sprint txt files I am writing ... good numbers in there as well .. just to busy... :grr:
  6. Conf tonight around what 11 pm Est? :grr:
  7. I have that one right there! :grr:
  8. decoder ... I checked in my closet, and I have one a little differant then his, but still the same concept... thing wieghs about 2 tons... Rings funny too.. LOL :grr:
  9. wow I guess you most likely .. Whoa .. I would love to be there at that time with my Compaq Armada... Think of the fun I could have ... LOL .. but for real.. that is NICE... :grr:
  10. Just aS long as people don't do stupid shi, Then I guess it would be cool, it would eliminate alot of bullshit from the Conf! :grr:
  11. Dude I am gonna do better, I am gonna take all my d0cZ, then put them on my back in order... that way if anyone wants to know, they can see it when I hit the beach! :grr: Did I mention my name is Erick??? LOL
  12. You should not have said this because it sounds like you have actually had the real thing. OHHH! BURN! IT BURNS BECAUSE I JUST IMPLIED THAT YOU HAVE NEVER HAD SEX WITH A REAL WOMAN! COWER IN TERROR BEFORE MY MAD INSULT SKILLS! Rock over london! Rock on chicago! Don't you mean "HAVE NOT"... DOH!!! :grr: And Yellog .. WTF are you talking about? We all know you only get whats in your mind .... So I refer to a song on the" Beavis and Butthead " CD Mental Masterbation... I may just have to use my fist ... Sit on that thought for a while! Dude get a fucking life... Now it makes me think you want ole boy to stick it in your ass! :grr: Yeah this is a FLame! :pissed:
  13. Tron I guess has learned .. Well maybe... He doesn't say stupid shit anymore, so ya know I'll give him the benefit of the doubt! :grr:
  14. Check it... It actually makes sense now.. :grr: :grr: Datu Today :grr:
  15. okay.... Yes, they are BLACK METAL. The Scandivaians love the stuff and it has become increasingly popular in the US and then people started calling it Death Metal. Usually Death Metal bands have some reference to "death" in their name, thats how you can tell easily. Death Napalm Death Cannibal Corpse Mortician Carcass ...see, all about death... Cannibal ... Cannibal ... Cannibal ...Cannibal... Yeah Yeah Yeah .... Ughhhhhhh ... Yeah ... :punk: OI OI OI .. ohh wait thats punk / Ska ... so Yeah ... ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCK! :grr: