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  1. Perhaps I'm just sleepy, or maybe because I'm older than many of the users of this forum, but I don't even use the term skiddie or even script-kiddie (except in conversation with the naive), simply because, to me, there are two kinds of 'hackers'. 1) Hackers - people that love technology and exploring its uses, flaws, and gaining knowledge about the world around them and 2) Idiots - people who have wonderful (or even, dare I say minimal) knowledge, but use it to do harm, frighten, or otherwise cause chaos or commit crimes. Seems pretty straight-forward to me. But what do I know? I'm not 31337...heh.
  2. Or, if you are like me, you can do what I did... I traded some web design work for one. It was old, but worked. It's still sitting on my desk...below this one... The work took about 30 minutes. The laptop was pretty much free. Most of the time was used getting the guy to explain where he wanted his picture on the page...
  3. I've tried it. The service is kinda crappy.
  4. My first computer was a ti 99/4a. i miss it. i saw a site a while back where someone was using it to host static web pages. it was way slow, but it still worked.
  5. great find! i won't be able to get them all at
  6. great find! i won't be able to get them all at
  7. for some reason, the laptop refuses to see the card at all. it's definitely compatible (according to the specs of the computer), there should be no issues. i know the pc card slots work, because i can use my modem card in both slots with no problems whatsoever. i gave it a try, and it seems that the drivers install at the same time as the utility program (which won't open, it shows up in the task manager, but never does anything). i have no lights on the card, and no strange devices showing up in device manager. i've tried installing 3 different versions of this software. what method did you use for installing the drivers seperately from the utility program? ===================================================================================== EDIT :: the freakin' cardbus setting was turned off in the bios. now it just hangs on configuring with their software. i'm wondering if there's another software i can use with windows 98 to make it go...
  8. i hope it's ok to put this here... i just got a wg511v2 netgear wifi card for my crappy toshiba 440cdx, and during installation it seems to just 'stop'. the installation. tech support blamed the laptop. i see lots of people have similar problems installing this card, has anybody encountered this and what would be a decent remedy (other than get a new laptop)?
  9. sounds good. as for content, almost anything will work, articles, white papers, source code, exploits, hardware info, etc. it's a general-purpose security/technology site. tech photos, whatever. you mean like aol dial-up numbers? oh, and any telemarketer numbers/names that come up on your CID. yep, i'm gonna bring back the telemarketer number list...
  10. perhaps it's the same type of promotion, but a different reason? different swag for different content? dunno. i'm definitely going to be sticking by the po box..heh heh
  11. I found this, better hurry. I'm not sure how long it's been there... Only shirt sizes are L and XL, which won't fit me, but hey, I can still use the book.
  12. Whoops...heh, sorry about that...I should pay more attention.
  13. In theory, I think it would be possible to make one. Just need to interrupt the signal, kind of like switch hook dialing, only via button press. I'm sure it's possible, I'm just not sure how to go about something like that.
  14. wow...i try not to say this too often, but... pwn3d. rofl...awesome.
  15. actually, it's a pre-fab layout...but i do like it alot. finally got a little old content. anybody have anything they would like to contribute?