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  1. ok i have seen many people with animated avi's. how do you make them. do you do a flash video or somethin wiht regular pics. if any one knows i would love to hear from you on this topic.
  2. HI

    yea becouse i am good with languages. reading alot of coding books makes you good at coding but not anything else.
  3. HI

    i did not mean it as newb flaming i forgot this is binary rev not b2l. why would i newb flame i have been askin every one how to down load linux.i suck so bad at downloading it i have failed 25+ times and i need some one to give me step by step explanations on how to get it ton live cd.
  4. ok i want to try linux off of a cd. were do i download it. from what type of server i need every little step by step detail i have traid and failed over 25 times now for god sake HELP ME thx
  5. HI

    well than doent make pointless postes and also do you know html and css or what languages do you know. i can help you throught beggining and intermediat stuff
  6. ok i want a version of linux that runs from a cd. i heard knoppix is best. i went to knoppix and tried downloading it. tell me from what server to download it. frp or http what to download it to and anyting else i need to do to get it to download
  7. ok i get that now thx. i would like to know in wich way would be the best to get linux and does it have anything superior to windows xp. and also were do i get a desent free website.
  8. ok this is a good thing for m to learn i am trying to get linux on my test comp but i have a huge problem. how the hell do i get it to a comp with no internet and were is best place to download it from. should i download to disk or to a data stick. so many posibilities i need sugjestions. and also does any one have a sub domain i could hve until my friend gets a clan website. it wont have anything bad on it thx
  9. Ok i am new to hacking and programing i have a basic understanding of dos html css php c++ and basic. i want to start up a server as a project and i wanted to know what a telnet server does exactly. i would also love to know how to make my own DoD:S server for my friend. if you know of any good way to set up a chat or game server please let me know and also if you know why Hack This Site sends me the password rainbow for basic number 4 and it doesent exept it. thx :ranaway: