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  1. I made this thread as a basic resource for people, like newbie hq. But this is based on intresting/time saving/etc ways to use a shell in unix. I'll start off the list: The ; command Character: semi colon - ; Command: New line/command. Linking commands together usage: mkdir dir; cd dir That would make the directory dir, then you would cd into the directory dir. You can do some more. And remember to give a good explination.
  2. Personally, I love this Orwell book: http://www.amazon.com/Keep-Aspidistra-Flyi...6989&sr=8-2 Anyway, do you happen to have a link?
  3. "I hawxed your wireless networks for the lulz"
  4. ... i typed this on purpose the other night before i reformatted, all my shell commands were deleted So when you make an alias the command gets executed? Anyway, that doesn't delete all the files on the harddrive. It skips a few, because they are being used.
  5. OH NO! DIFFERENT FETISH OPPOSES MY DEEP MORAL VALUES! Seriously, how is that any different from the KKK burning blacks, gays, etc. alive, for being black/gay/etc. According to the Greek Philosophers, we should be called philosophers, not hackers, if you are going to refer to the "quest for knowledge" type of idea. And if it matters that much, call yourself a "security enthusiast," not a hacker. Don't even mention the word hacker.
  6. Because they obviously only carry one bullet.
  7. I am running Slackware 12.0, and whenever I boot up my system, I can see output that is related to other daemons being loaded (OpenSSH for example), and would like to know how to load my wireless card daemon at boot-time, as I have to run "ipw3459d" after I log in to connect to the internet (because it's just soooo much work). Anyway, are there any files that I should edit to do this, or what?
  8. With Linux, a ThinkPad would be the way to go. how is a think pad any different than another pc for linux? Correct me if I'm wrong, but ThinkPads are made with all Linux compatible hardware, so you don't need to install drivers (and other stuff like that) just to get everything working, right?
  9. With Linux, a ThinkPad would be the way to go.
  10. doc.bughunter.net This site is alright, it doesn't have a huge collection of papers (when compared to some other sites), but it does have a good amount on buffer overflows.
  11. It would have been better if you just said that they forget.
  12. Just about every programming language is like that... Go with either C or Ruby. I decided to start learning C, because its cross-platform and its seems pretty stable. And I learning off of http://www.cprogramming.com/. Does anyone know of a good C Compiler at all? I personally don't like those tutorials on that site. I recommend getting this book: http://cm.bell-labs.com/cm/cs/cbook/
  13. Just about every programming language is like that... Go with either C or Ruby.
  14. It's only write protected. If you can access it, it's unsecure.
  15. Unless you *need* the screen, don't go with a laptop like that. You have a desktop already (or so I understand), so why would you get a large screen?
  16. What the fuck are you saying? You need to learn how to type/write.
  17. Shouldn't you install windows first, so it won't delete grub?
  18. Whoever you are talking to smokes too much crack. Visual Basic should die, and C/C++ would be a good idea to learn.
  19. So, I just got a cd, with 20 wav songs on it. I can load it fine it amarok and play it as a playlist, but amarok is being a cock and doesn't want me to permanently save the files to the computer. So I have set amarok to read /home/user/music recursively to find the music files I want, and I copied the files into that directory, and restarted amarok, and it still doesn't want to load them. It loads the other files that are in that directory, though they are mp3. It shouldn't matter, as it still plays fine when it was loaded from the cd. Sorry if this makes no sense. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  20. Why I didn't think of that is beyond me, but maybe because it was 3:00. But I used this program bladeenc to convert the files, and it works fine. Thanks.
  21. Why do you have to use a school computer? I'm asking this because if he/she blocked python, shouldn't he/she have also blocked this site (as it is a message board, and it is a "ohh, evil hackers!" website)?
  22. Java script is browser dependent, so it isn't. PHP is server dependent, thus it is more portable.
  23. nmap -sV shows the services running on the scanned ports.
  24. Don't learn Visual Basic (VB). Out of that list, for a first language, go with python.