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  1. well i've made a switch / firewall and router before using a computer but i was now looking to make a network hub because i just thought it would be something fun to do and i have extra time. i know that hubs always send the data to every channel hopping there is something there to recieve it, hence the name dumb hubs also the switch some cables around so that a crossover cable is not necessary. im just trying to figure out what else it is that they do, i mean i can make a couple splitters on a network rj45 female ocnnector that goes to like 4 other rj45 females but then i know that hubs are a little more in depth than that. im guessing that if there is a signal between two of the wires or if power is coming from two of the wire to complete a connection then that is how it distinguishes where to send thesignal on but of this i am not 100% so i have been looking around and havent really found anything yet. i think that something neet to do would be to have a fileserver for a lan party that everybody could just connect to because it has a hub built in or actually have other people connect to my computer with a hub built in to negate the need of an external hub
  2. ive looked on google on how to make a network hub but alls i come up with is how to make a network or how to make network cables. what is there to a hub that can be so hard??? they just have to flip a few wires right? i mean i do not know the total ins and outs of a hub, obviously since im asking, would in not be something easy to make? switching is a little more in depth but i mean hubs are dumb and spit out to every port any ideas?