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  1. lol, yeah, I actually installed Slackware as a noob. At the time, I didn't even know about startx, so I thought I did something wrong during installation and installed Fedora Core 3 instead. Actually, doing things the very hard way forces me to learn more about how Linux really works. You never learn by using a package manager, it does everything for you. Writing slackbuilds is fun Thats why you RTFM. It explains right in there exactly how to get X up and working. Which is what I did after realising I was doing everything wrong.
  2. Hahah I know what you mean by the startx thing...
  3. Thats a great idea! My first linux system was slackware and I learnt the hard way that compiling everything yourself isnt the easiest thing to do as a noob.
  4. FIXED Hey guys, I got my Dlink wifi card working on BackTrack , but I cant set it to monitor mode. This is what it says when I use the airmon script: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- usage: airmon-ng <start|stop> <interface> [channel] Interface Chipset Driver wifi0 Atheros madwifi-ng ath0 Atheros madwifi-ng VAP (parent: wifi0) 1.1.2kmr Monitor mode not supported, please upgrade ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I also tried o set it manually but no luck. BT ~ # iwconfig wifi0 mode monitor Error for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06) : SET failed on device wifi0 ; Invalid argument. Since I am using BackTrack Live, I cant just "upgrade" like it says, any ideas? Ps. It truly is a beautiful peace of work, congrats to all the people who worked hard on this.
  5. I have gotten linux on my nano, and yes it does support video. The video sound was not supported at the time of my installation though. In my opinion linux lagged alot on the nano and it just wasnt good for playing music. RockBox is what I have on it now, and I'm loving it. You dont need Itunes, its fast and you can customize your own backgrounds fairly easily (just using photoshop and a prebuilt theme set from the site) RockBox does not support Video ( I think anyways) Theres a ton of info at and the installation is easy. Just make sure you backup your old firmware like they said or you just might brick your nano. I almost did Good Luck
  6. Thats great. I still use Xp for games and shit
  7. There is also
  8. I also agree with Dylan on this one, big time waste on their part. Thats what you call a failure.
  9. Try downloading backtrack, the drivers might already be in there. If you really want to keep whax I dont know how to add drivers to the boot cd...
  10. Thats about it from what I know
  11. Never heard of it before , but you could try getting on a train and running airodump there. Then you could hack the train and control it or something :devil: EDIT:
  12. Oh dear, maybe he just needs a friend...
  13. Talk about fast reply, any reccomendations Something with documentation and tuts would be nice. EDIT: im gonna be setting this up on my xbox once I know how to have a permanent server for personnal use and stuff
  14. Hey guys, Im new to the whole server thing and ive been readin on Apache . So I got it running, got my page up (only accessed it via havent done the external ip thing yet. Now What i wanna do is have acess to my folders and such, so that I can dl stuff from anywhere. is there a certain thing I add to the html file or somthing in the config. I tried finding some info on this but alot of it is hard to understand. Im thinking a little push in the right direction will hlpe me learn more about this. Im also learning Html on the side so I will be able to set up my own lilttle site. Thx for any help, Snippet
  15. Thx, ya thats the tut I checked out after I wrote the post. Very informative. I just added the usb wires to the female plugin IN the xbox.