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  1. Ive read a few tutorials on putting linux on a pocket pc. my question is does anyone have an updated tutorial on it, the ones i seem to find talk about older pocket pc's.
  2. HAHA great commentary, hilarous i must say!
  3. My copy of Hackers is in VCD format. do you know any way of getting it to work with scarecrow? it keeps telling me its an invalid dvd format :/
  4. Firefox FTW!!
  5. My first Distro was Mandrake Linux...i forget why i picked it, i think someone recommended it to me. I liked it. from there i tried a lot of different ones and im kinda stuck on ubuntu now, though im thinking of switching to Debian soon...idk tho...
  6. Now a Xeon processor wont really give you any sort of advantage. The processor is not designed for gamming. I would say a AMD 64 X2 or even better a FX would be your best bet. but thats just my opinion...there is also intel processors.
  7. well i figured it out after a while. What we did was use Sockscap to change the IP and port Diablo2 wants. so it will try to connect to Battle/net through port 1234, then i set up a SSH server on my linux box set to port 80, one of the only ports he can access at college. And then we had Sockscap filter everything through ssh tunneling through my box and then finally out to battle.net i would like to thank Niban the most for helping me with this issue!
  8. haha that was great, reminds me of the thing Irongeek setup!
  9. haha that was great, reminds me of the thing Irongeek setup!
  10. Thanks everyone for their help! I figured out the best way to do it was using SSH Tunneling. my friend can now play is bloody game at his college thanks to everyone on the forums and IRC, especially Niban, dude kicks ass
  11. What are you trying to do exactlly? Do you wan't an ssh tunnel that forwards the clients local conections from port 442 to the servers local conection on 6112-6119? Or do you want the server to pass it to another servers port 6112-6119? pass it to another servers port 6112-6119. i just want my box to convert the packets from port 442 to ports 6112-6119 then send them to another server on those ports.
  12. How would i go about setting up an SSH proxy on linux where it accepts clients on port 442 and redirects the traffic to port 6112-6119? anyone got any suggestions?
  13. okay, well ive been working on this for two days now and i still cant get it right. ive tried both solutions. right now i have a SSH server set up on port 4, but i cannot figure out the putty configurations. any help would be appreciated. as for socksd...i cant even get it to install lol and there are no tutorials at all on installing or configuring, so if you have any exprience with it any help would be appreciated. thanks again ~Drew
  14. here is my dilemma: I have a friend at college and they use a firewall there that locks almost all the ports down. He wants to play Diablo 2 on battle.net so he needs port 6112, unfortunatly he doesnt have port 6112 open. So how can i have him log onto my linux box on say port 4, and then have my box connect to battle.net on port 6112. any help would be much appreciated! thanks!
  15. u should be able to format it, it will erase all the songs but it will allow u to change the name.