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  1. you could always host a graphic on your own box and hyperlink it to a site... have them visit that site and have your box log all connections that view the graphic...
  2. Taking a guess here, But could this be because you are a prepaid customer?
  3. Same here, dystopia and I are starting up a site, I'll add these... if anyone else wants any scans posted on our site email: phr0x [at] ... The site is not nearly finished but we will add them when ever the time is right Feel free to add us to your site as well... Digital phreaks
  4. 5ESS
  5. and your journey begins....
  6. The military are such asses
  7. South Carolina...bah! :voteno: About 30 mins away from dystopia :voteyes:
  8. Thats a really good deal :voteyes:
  9. kick ass find phreakblaze, thanks!
  10. awesome info from both of you guys, I have seen some laptops similar to what you guys are speaking of, but It was when I was in a truckyard, someone accidently left a door unlocked to the building inside the gate *oops*.... So I wandered in their... I was kinda pressed for time since it was daylight hours and the yard was kinda in the city a bit, so I just looked around really fast. These laptops actually had "Bellsouth" labeled into the top of them, I did manage to get a cd that I have never been able to get to work, It's for fieldtesting, though outdated now the info and files on their had all my nxx's listed in my area, which means Im pretty sure it had a lot of numbers imbedding deep into the software of the cd... i'll have to find it again, it's somewhere around all this mess.
  11. I second that! Happy April fools ++ :devil:
  12. dibs on the computer!
  13. I don't know if this would be much help to you... But here is a link that will give you lat/lon...
  14. I hope not I was thinking since Im gonna get one might as well go with the digital scout, so I can pick up the digital RF signals aswell "Im gonna be so broke"