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  1. Dont Know why it duplicated the thread please delete one. Thank you.
  2. Ok so pretty much I have googled my ass off for a week now trying to get this figured out but everytime I feel like I have a solution I have a dead end and this is probably my last bastion for help. I have tried other forums and help sites but they seem as useless as tits on a bull practically tell me everything I have read including over thousands of comments of solutions at this point. Story is as a prank my friends thought it would be funny to change the bios password on my computer so I would have a laughable freak out... Well lets just say I was fine with it all until they couldn't remember the password and they are by no means "carrying the prank on" to keep me going they are scared they might have to buy me a new laptop which they dont have the money for. No matter what I do I cannot get passed the toshiba loading screen with any kind of keys that you or anyone on the internet can think of to get access to the BIOS settings. After the toshiba loading screen it loads a black screen where up in the left hand corner it says "Password = (INSERTPASSWORD)" And thats it, thats as far as it goes. I have looked all over the places that are easy to unscrew(Ram HDD ect...), for the places I can short the CMOS for a minute than just wipe the password. But its no where obvious and I will not take apart my laptop without detailed instructions or a video on how to do it with my model. I cant find any information on how to disassemble it completely so I refuse to go looking around the motherboard and removing the CMOS battery randomly just to still end up with the same problem and possibly bust parts on my case from not doing things properly. I have read from a good amount of people that the CMOS battery trick doesnt work most of the time on newer laptops anyways. I have tried multiple password tables with BIOS master passwords which none work. I cant change my boot functions so I cant load off of any other device because the laptop doesnt even get a chance to load anything other than the damn security. I have googled every phrase and every variation I can think of to twist results and im getting know where, so if you plan to help dont bother with google lol. Heres a couple of links with complete specs of my computer. Im getting so frustrated at this point im ready to make an ass out of myself on public levels from stress rising.