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  1. Ok being a newbie is hard because you tend to do stupid things and mess up. I hope that writing this isn't one of em... Ok I'm a newbie and I want to be a good hacker. I don't know where to start. Hacking is such a large field that when you first come into the scene you're overwhelmed with information. So could anyone out there help me out with finding a starting point for hacking? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Here's the game: Setup a myspace account with the picture of some girl. Register the account as the girl being over eighteen (so that pervs can see it) but on the page put her down as being seventeen or younger. See how many pervs you can report before New Years Eve. Oh and be sure to post a link to your MyPerv page. Have fun and be creative.
  3. No offense to Lance Armstrong or his idiotic American followers but he's not the only cancer survivor who has done great things. Well I'm just shocked that yuppies would love him. (I'm not calling Right_Coast a yuppie) Yes, because before the knight in shining armor rode into town on his steed/bicycle when people got cancer they never fought back. They just ate crappy hospital food and died.
  4. Not really, people are hurt to hear about Steve Irwin dying. Unlike Lance Armstrong since all he does is ride a bycicle and sell bracelets. Man Steve Irwin has a place in my heart and I'm sad he's gone. Unlike some people who say they care but have never watched the show, nor knew who he was prior to this.
  5. The only standards are your own. If you are satisfied with your work then that's really all that matters.
  6. LMFAO I missed the funny. **Looks around for the funny** Not a laughing matter in my opinion. Maybe you've never been in that situation to understand.
  7. I used Celestia. Once the fun of looking for your house on Google Earth disapears it's not as fun. With Celestia you can even explore non-existent planets such as Kashyyyk, Tatoine, and others; And that my friends doesn't get boring. Mention this ad and Celestia Inc. will throw in a free roller pin.
  8. lol. If in my chicano family we had that it'd be like: I remember when I lived with my Grandma a white neighbor ran into our yard and told my grandma to dial nine eleven. She ran into the house and came back out a few seconds later... (No, she isn't stupid she just loves her little shananigans.) // somewhat off-topic $100 to call 911? That's pretty damn idiotic. Couldn't they just create that number and forward it to the real 911? If I were you I'd just have a copperline or an old cell phone hooked up into the wall explicitly for dialing 911.
  9. :cuss: I have an old Toshiba laptop with Windows 95 that I've been working with since my regular box and my Mac are in need of repair at the time. Well I want to be able to do more things than read and write textfiles so I popped the install disk in the drive and rebooted the computer. Everything started up normally so I opened BIOS but apparently it won't let me change the boot device. What the hell do I do? Is this computer to slow to install Ubuntu (ver. Breezy Badger) or what? Is there anything else that I can do to force my computer to install Ubuntu? Thanks in advance.
  10. Irrelevant. He could want to build one for the learning experience or perhaps he knows of a place where blue boxing still works. (On an episode not to long ago on BinRev radio didn't they discuss something about pulling the good ol' blue box outa the closet. Hope Wrapup episode, I believe.)
  11. Word, and if she goes to prison E! will probably make a tv show of Paris in Jail! The best part will be when all the lesbians rape her ass! Good shit! I hope she gets charged with something. :grr: lesbian ass rape! that sounds like a good show to me! Paris says it best... "That's Hot!" I honestly think Paris is to dumb to have figured it out and then gone through with the plan. This is what I think happened. 1. Paris uses telespoof (or other service) because to call Lindsey because she doesn't want her calling her back. 2. She thinks that it would be funny to confuse Lindsey by spoofing her number. 3. Lindsey doesn't pick up and gets acess to the voicemail 4. Paris pushes some random buttons and gets lucky phj34r, teh bl0nd h4xor
  12. ya i heard about that... ll hail Pluto :blowfuse: someone should find those people and "say their not a human anylonger" them with an axe :glare: stupid assfased scientists, i bet they had a meeting, discussed about it and the finding of 3 other planetlike objects and thought they were 't3h aw3s0m3 sc13nt1stzz' Pluto could kick your asses!!! :umph: edit: i use a form post when pissed Clyde Tombaugh must be rolling around in his grave right about now. (Click on the link if you don't know who Clyde is)
  13. Google Rar password cracker
  14. lol, because we all know how difficult American schooling is.
  15. I've been searching on Google for someone (An uncle of mine who left the family after a big fight with the rest of the family) and have turned up no luck. He did a pretty good job on hiding his personal information. Well anyways I need one of the people search engines that don't try to sell me the information. I know one exists out there because I've heard a local radio DJ talking about a free site. Does anyone know about this site?
  16. I hope you haven't reformmated it yet, since I saw this post a little late. I know you can do it by going to the preference panel in iTunes and clicking the iPod tab. You should be able to click on the name and change it to whatever you'd like it to be.
  17. In more important news: Pluto no longer a planet
  18. I think I might be the only person who wants to talk to him. Plus she'd think I'd want to give his SSN number for one of my friends to get a better job. <--If you know what I mean. Thanks for the help.
  19. Thanks everyone for the help. I'll bring my USB drive tommorrow to download rawrite and hope it works, if not oh well.
  20. I've been waiting a long time now... **tapping of the foot** so I decided to dig this up in hopes that it'll catch his attention. (BlackRatchet) Will he be kind enough now to share???
  21. Alright I'll see what I can do tonight when I get home. Do I just drag items from the CD to the floppy? If it doesn't fit do I just drag the Install folder to the floppy? Thanks Alk3 and Systems_Glitch for the help.
  22. It's already laggy and slow whenever I run anything but notepad. The problem is that I can't get it to install though. NOTE: I notice that I said it was 95. In reality it's 98 with a laptop designed to run 95.
  23. kTron is great, really easy to play for a long time..... i also like that mario type tux game i think its super tux but i dunno... its hard not to like those arcade-type-games Oh yeah SuperTux is the shit. Also try a game called Wizard. Also Ubuntu comes with an interesting game of Worm (Name I don't recall (//Yoda speak)) that I was addicted to for like a month.
  24. That is brilliant.
  25. I'm just curious to know what the difference between Linux and Unix are. I'd hate to start a war between Linux and Unix users so please only post facts about the differences between the systems. :nono: Example: The difference between Linux and Unix is that Unix is a piece of crap. :nono: Thanks in advance.