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  1. Thought including it in the question wasn't ideal, according to sticky. But since you ask, people would pay for it. Yeah i thought the same thing, they would have to store it somewhere in order to check on abuses kind of like WordPress, but people are actually interested in the identity of anon poster, if the person simply uses their account with anonymous filter, could it be uncovered?
  2. Background information about me: So, I've basically observed that this site www.ask.fm is catching up, and I intend to find out the IP address of a person who submits an anonymous question. I have previous programming experience in: Python and C mostly, but i'm familiar with HTML (failed to use HTML to 'show' who sent), Java and others, I've never actually hacked anything more than access to deleted files. proxies and vpn uses, coded a brute force script, forced into a local pc using booting hacking tools and used key loggers, none of them coded by me except the one i specified. Purpose of this Question: I want to figure out the IP address using whichever known exploit is known. My aim is to obtain the IP address of the person who asked a specific question. I've done vague research, there are multiple youtube videos and sites that "show a similar program" but I doubt the shown program even works, I want to attempt creating the real deal for my own use, the biggest hint is that every download link has "surveys" you have to complete, which probably are phishing viruses. Bottom line: Does anyone know how could I approach figuring out specific IP addresses of users asking questions in ask.fm? I could use any information about tracing ips of submitter of specific questions, removing the anonymous mask or any known exploits in this types of websites, maybe breaking in, but as this is a large website I would rather listen to approaches that won't get me to jail, not willing to risk it, thank you. PS: I tried showing the anonymous mask with html