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  1. What funny is that im programming a keylogger for personal use or w/e.... Umm, you can also try a hardware keylogger, AV's dont detect it and when u want the data just come and grab the middle man hardware (between the keyboard cord and mini pin input )
  2. LMAO! I saw this crap on Law and Order. I dont know wat excactly was goin on but im guessing the kid was a hacker and the feds rushed his house and took his computer through the frame of the door and the cop said NO!!! The cop realized that the frame of the door was armed with powerful magnets so if the computer left the room then everything would be gone... I just thought it was funny that i saw this thread right after i was Law and Order.
  3. LMFAO! Script Kiddie dude. Sorry, this is not a winning cap! Please try again.
  4. Dont know why but i keep finding so many school hacker threads. I think that the schools just need to start getting more secure b/c i did the same thing and i had the ss#'s and shit. I just think if ur gonna have all that private info on the network, then at least encrypt it, password protect it or sumthing, Anything!. O well, Schools all over the world will just have to learn the hard way...
  5. But in all seriousness no one here is trying to flame you, most of us are just trying to give you good advice that you should take seriously, because no one wants to hear about a norwegian kid on the news being punished for hacking a school network. ← Definatly correct, i just really really dont want you to go through wat i went through, sure u think its cool now but when i got caught, my life just went down the drain... My parents are kinda looking at me funny from knowing that i had porn on my comp (*CHILLS down spine*, never talk with parents about the kinda porn on ur comp), and thank god i wasnt charged and also,i got expelled and i dont really see my friends to much. No one is tryin to flame u, just lookin out for u... Tough Love baby!
  6. OMFG, have u read wat happened to me!!! Do the right thing, get rid of the passwords and clear the logs. Also dont make copies and immediatly tell the admin if you can. I did the same excact thing you did, and i got expelled and everything. It started out real small but excalated into me getting expelled and me having to change schools and having to deal with the police, on accounts of computer trespass and shit. It also gets ur computer taken away. (mayb) cypress, yea, that kid that got xpelled was me... JUST STOP FUCKING WITH THE SCHOOL NETWORKS. I LEARNED MY LESSON ABOUT THIS. It is quite obvious that almost all schools are going to be insecure. They arent paid to keep the computer network secure. The network is there for you to learn and get an education. SCHOOL NETWORKS ARE NOT SECURE. So, just do wat i said and get rid of everything. And unless you wanna get fucked up ur ass hard, just tell ur admin and hope that she/he will allow you to help get the network secure.... IDK, just a heads up b/c my ass is still bleeding every once in awhile... Just follow the link in the first post to see how it all started...
  7. Wow, ive havent been to my own post in awhile since i thought it was old news and thanks for the positive reviews... Also, i never plan on giving anything up. Knowing shit isnt a crime, i could build a small bomb easily, its just how u use the infomation u gain. All i know that im not gonna stop, but mayb a >short< break from the whole security scene... very short, month or so... hehe. I mean, if i stopped that means that everything i learned over the past few years was a waste and getting in trouble with my school isnt going make me throw away my dreams and hopes just b/c of one small insindent. I plan on going even further with my knowledge and learning more will only help me. And for the hat thing, i kinda sorta believe in it. WIKI : ===== The term white hat hacker is also often used to describe those who attempt to break into systems or networks in order to help the owners of the system by making them aware of security flaws, or to perform some other altruistic activity. ===== Usually a Black hat is a person who maintains knowledge of the vulnerabilities and exploits they find as secret for private advantage, not revealing them either to the general public or the manufacturer for correction. Many Black Hats promote individual freedom and accessibility over privacy and security.
  8. Ok, i glad someone agrees with wat i was thinking logik , however i am quite very happy to state that they did not format my hdd. They only didnt put it in the computer when i got it and then later on gave me the hdd. And when i finally got the hdd plugged in, i didnt find anything missing. (yet). So im still concerned and im going to be doing a clean wipe just in case their tryin to monitor me from my comp. But yea, i agree with everything u said logik... peace
  9. Ok, i got back the computer today. And i got the messsege that i was dreading... "Operating System not found".... They formated my hard drive without my permission and it was never included in the search warrent and it just plain wasnt ever stated that they were going to be throwing away my freakin life's documents, pictures, games. And i know i can get some stuff back with file recovery and all that mess. But its not the point, the point is is that they did sumthing that they werent supposed too and werent authorized to do. ??? = Does a search warrent include eraseing all the data? What makes this whole thing worse is that i lended my copy of WinXp to a friend that wanted to use it real quick and b4 i was able to get it back i was suspended and havent got it back since. My Win2k isnt working at all, and im not going below 2k. This is once again, ocmplete bullshit, and depending on the answers to my question ??? then i might even file a lawsuit against them. This was all done without my permission and no one wsa ever told they were going to do this. === Only good news from this... === They copied everything on my HDD to their computers for i dont know wat reason but they did and mayb if im lucky i might be able to get things like music, school documents, and other things that were important to me off their HDD. later. :pissed: :cuss: :pissed: :cuss: :grr:
  10. Well, like i said. I know and i have learned alot from this whole expierience. And yea, i didnt really do much and there wasnt much evidence to label me an elite hacker or anything. They are in fact, morons... And i dont rly want to make anything of it. Im glad that this is all over, i dont want to start it all up again by saying u took my comp w/o a warrent. I wasnt thinking straight and i rly do want to go bak and chg alot of things but i cant. Wat is done, is done.
  11. Well we got a call today, they didnt want to talk to me but the did talk to mey dad and told him that we would be getting my comp on monday!!! Say Hello to my games and videos I havent played in ages (1month and a week or so, it was hell though). Just thought i would let you know... I think that my whole expierience is now over... im getting my comp bak, (havent called the school about my flash drive, but it should b soon). Im going to school again. ================ This will probaly be my last post on this topic. And one again... thx to everyone here who supported me and help me get through this. Shouts to the binrev forums, to the #infonomicon crew on, to my parents for being good sports about it, to my tribunal advisor... (she was just nice...), and to anyone else i ran into along the way. == Ill start my text file covering the whole thing when i get my computer bak. == Peace!
  12. Yea, when if ever i get my desktop back im gonna go ahead and wipe it. And im not doing anything illegal, im just talking on forums. They already know the websites i visit and all that shit. Theres not much point in tryin to hide. They already know... And they probaly are gonna try to keep an eye on me now. === Quick ?, if i ran a nuke cd or eraser boot disk to erase everything on my HDD, does that mean everything including the OS. Or will the OS stay entact? (Win XP)
  13. Yes, my delicate innosence has helped me again...
  14. U wanna know sumthing thats funny? If you live in Georgia then u might already know. This happened in the state that i live in, Georgia. Its quite funny b/c everything this college student did, i did except i didnt DDOS the network . Totally wierd... ========================================== College Student Charged in Hacking ROME, Ga. (AP) -- A Shorter College student has been arrested and is accused of hacking into the school's computer system. Adrian Laza, 22, was jailed Wednesday and has been charged with computer invasion of privacy, computer trespass and computer theft, according to Floyd County Jail records. From Feb. 6 to March 6, Laza, who had been living in a dorm, allegedly caused a malfunction with the school's computer network that disrupted data and caused problems with students' access to the network. He is also accused of getting personal information about school employees. Since discovering the computer breach, Shorter College officials have been working to stop other possible hackers, said Dawn Tolbert, the school's director of institutional relations. "Security is always a concern and our people have been working to look at how our network is set up and make sure things are secure," Tolbert said. "We have had outside consultants come in to help us." Tolbert said she does not why the system was breached or why the employees' information was retrieved. Laza faces disciplinary action at the school, she said. Jim Moser, Rome police lead investigator, declined comment Wednesday, saying it was an ongoing investigation. Deputy Chief Lonzo Roberson said he was not sure how expansive the case is but said it is being investigated by multiple agencies. ====================================================== Source:
  15. well, a tribunal is basically a school level trial. And they decided the "verdict" to be expelled. And i didnt get expelled for mapping network drives, i got in trouble for getting into my network dmins acccount and copying her files containing user names and passowrds, faculty info (adress, home #, SSN). ===== And i understand that i should have used something to secure delete my files but first of, there was a alot of files and there was alot of things that i did delete with secure delete. But i guess he got some of them that i didnt happen to delete with Secure DElete (which was more than a couple)... And b4 u go on and on about, u should have done this, did that. I know... This hole thing has been reality check and im definatly gonna start taking more percautions and safety measures. ==== And yea, i think that the FBI mgiht want me to snitch or sumthing. They havent said much about the FBI but just to b clear. Im not going to snitch on anyone b/c i seriously have no-one to snitch on... You guys are just geeks. Which i mean in the best way possible.