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  1. If anyone's having trouble finding an entire password because it contains non-alphanumeric charactiers, try using both jtr and ophcrack. For me, they both found the portions of the LM hash that the other did not. I still have to read more on rainbow tables, so pardon my ignorance. The README from the old version of ophcrack shows how to build 4 tables, and the newer version has you download them. Is it somehow possible to build more tables that will allow for cracking of hashes that contain non-alphanumeric characters with ophcrack? Thanks.
  2. That was a really nice link. I ended up checking out Ophcrack since I haven't yet been able to access It turns out that they have a livecd version as well on Sourceforge. Very cool.
  3. Anyone have any idea what happened to I've been trying to check it out since I saw it on Irongeek's site, but it appears to be down.
  4. I recently got this Microchip PIC starter kit, and it appears to support the PIC16F877A. I'm not familiar with the differences between the PIC16F877 and the PIC16F877A and their programmer compatibility, so this may or may not be relevent to you - I'm sorry if it is not. As far as schematics go, if you scroll down on that page, you'll find some downloads. The PICkit2 User's Guide contains a schematic of the programmer, and they keep the latest source code updated on that site. The only problem is that you'd need to program a PIC18F2550/SO to build the programmer. Oh what a vicious cycle!
  5. I've recently been using StripeSnoop 1.6alpha with this setup (Omron V3A-4K, parallel port, 3 track mod), which has been pretty cool : I was interested in building a writer just for the sake of fun and the experience of doing it. (And especially since writers are far too expensive, and I have really no need to buy one). I came upon this little compilation of magnetic stripe related documents, and was wondering if anyone has either had any experience with the writer/copier schematics --Here-- or anywhere else. Thanks.