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  1. yeah, I know theres an extent. And playing phone sex over the PA is probably pushing my boundaries. but we'll see....
  2. soo, I was in the basement a couple months ago, and I saw our schools telephone system. I found the model of it, wich was a mitel SX200 lite. Pretty common phone system to use in schools. Since then me and a few friends have been general idiot teenagers, and doing various lame things. things to do for instant hillarity: walk up to random teachers phone, flash the handset and punch in 22 + extension of student phone. All calls to that teacher will now forward to student phone get a friend to take a phone off the hook and make sure it stays that way. Walk around school (having multiple people working on this helps) and go to every phone you see and dial the extension of the phone you took off the hook. When you get a busy tone, hit 1 and hang up. Wait until class starts and then hang up the phone you had off the hook. Now every phone you and your buddies used to call the busy phone will ring at the same time. Pretty entertaining during class time. call up a sex hotline from the public phone. Hit flash and then the extension of a random teacher to transfer the call to them. you can also forward calls from one teacher to another. That will confuse the hell out of the office once you do this to a bunch of rooms. Even better, at lunch go out and forward calls from 20 other rooms to whatever class you have in the afternoon. That should piss off you teacher. okay, okay. You all think i'm a loser now. I still think i'm funny. I love highschool QUESTION TIME! One time I saw a teacher walk up to his phone, hit an extension and get the PA system. Any way to find out what extension it could be? phone features, if you're curious. hold = flash + 44 un-hold = flash + 45 transfer = hold, flash + extension number confrence call = flash + phone number or extension, then flash + 38 to get back in the conversation monitor (phone will ring when line or extension is no longer in use) = @ busy signal, hit 1 then hang up urgent call = at busy signal, hit 3 forward all calls = 22 + extension thats all I know of. If anyone has anything to add i'd appreciate it. now, one more thing. I've seen a teacher punch in an extension and then page over the PA system. Now... lets say someone... forwarded a call to the PA. Like, a call from a phone sex hotline. 1) how could someone disconnect the call? 2) how would I find the extension to the PA?
  3. if you have to pay to register, its a scam. http://www.anything4free.com/ is a directory of proven legit freebie sites, if you're still interested. I've gotten maybe 150$ from those sites.
  4. Dan: I had never heard of that before, but never fear. This isn't relates
  5. For a technology project I am going to do presentation on phishing, and I need to do some research. If you would be so kind as to grab me some links to phishing attacks and post them here I can use them as examples. I am especially interested in myspace phishing sites, because if I say "PEOPLE CAN STEAL YOU PAYPAL PASSWORD" nobody will really care, but if I say "SOMONE CAN HACK YOUR MYSPACE" everyone will be all "OHSHIT". your links are appreciated.
  6. techcentric is awesome
  7. sort of off topic, but is there a program that will tell you your typing speed without you having to type up something specific? Like, you jsut type whatever and it will tell you how many words you typed per minute? hrm. I actually think i'm just going to use a stopwatch and time myself typing.
  8. thats too bad smes. I did enjoy reading WCP, but on the other hand there never were alot of people putting in atricles. oh well, look foreward to see what comes from this
  9. holy crap, your eleven? In that case, I applaus you for mamaging to be literate. If this was my sister on the forums she would be all "lol, i lieke 2 haxx"
  10. The new X2 prosessors are a pretty solid chip from the computers i've been building recently (I worked in a computer shop). Game like a mofo.
  11. is there a text only link to that? I don't really want to watch a shitty flash video at 2FPS on this old ass computer. seriously though, limp bizkit? what were they thinking?
  12. yes, I understand the costs of DVD production and all that, but how about a torrnet of some AVIs, that shouldn't be a problem.
  13. isn't one of the staple ideas of the whole "hacker movement" freedom of information? Then why would they charge for video and audio and not have free versions available. Think about it.
  14. man, I wish I was that lucky. I live in a shitty little town with a population of 9k. The main computer store, "tweaks computers" is selling a PIII with a 4 gig harddrive and 64mb of ram for 150$
  15. cood layout, interesting vontent, no annoying ads. Good job