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  1. The funny thing is that the virus went to people's PCs threw porn emails, and many OFFICE computers have been found to have it. I suggest for you to get AVG(free) to solve your virus software, also if you are so worried about your PC being slowed down by anti-virus software just turn off the background scanning and do a weekly scan yourself.
  2. Well I have only worked on password cracking on Windows. And thanks tiocsti for the link. I have also looked over some of the tuts on this forum.
  3. Well I have came here to learn more about hacking(quite general isn't it), so I'm asking for some links to tips, good tuts, and other info that I could use. I would like to learn more about password cracking so please if you know of anything that could help me please reply that info.
  4. I would say not very many people get to have fun in high school, regardless of grade That sounds like a pretty unique and lucky field trip. ← I haven't had any problems in my school, and a lot of fun (lucky aren't I).