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  1. Well hot damn! That's a start. My info was received from You have to call the 1-800 number to get the " Juicy " information. Pretty neat.
  2. Since no body knows a damn thing about ExpressNet, I did my own research. This is for the protel xk7000 board If you experience similar problems with programming the phone to make free calls and it still asks for money, do the following!: 1.) Enter the Program Mode 2.) Dial 00 and then the number of the line the phone is hooked up to. 3.) You should hear a "BEEP", the phone has been defaulted. Sort of like a " clean slate" Go back and re-program the types of calls you want to be free and it should work Your welcome!
  3. Hey there Forum. I recently aquired a payphone from a run down gas station and have poked the program button a few times. However, I still can't make free calls even though I've programmed the board to do so. This is a Protel board model xk7000. I can program the free number ok, but for any other call, like 10 digit, 7 digit, it doesn't seem to do anything. I think I may need the ExpressNet software to " really " re-program this thing. I would appreciate any links to download ExpressNet or maybe a file transfer could be arranged. It seems like Google is hiding a lot about ExpressNet.
  4. Something interesting that I noticed: Many people today use these 2.4ghz digital phone systems with electret mics and such, right? I, however, use the old style model 500's and noticed that a yelp, at a certain pitch, causes a break in the line. This is the in-band signaling still used on the POTS local lines. A recorded sound file of your phone number played into the microphone will cause the line to actually dial out! This does not work for these digital phones, at least for my experience. I just wanted to post this because I figured it out myself. I'm sure many of you have know this for decades. So if long distance was switched, why did they leave the local calling with in band?
  5. The method that sounds the easiest is the op divert. I am considering getting a job with my Telco, Verizon's Frontier, and maybe learn some more about the whole network. I recall only seeing ONE telephone box being opened in my town and seeing the hundreds of red and green terminals. They are placed in active locations, so no chance of busting in! I would love to take this old Northern Electric butt and plug into a line!
  6. Could yelling loudly into a phone cause electronic damage?
  7. 1-800-727-5555 is MCI's business line
  8. Why would you even want more than one ANAC number? They all do the same things right? I have heard of a few giving away the ANI 2 number which tells what kind of service you have, but have never heard it before. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
  9. WOW That is really something! Thanks a ton!
  10. excellent info " thought criminal" I just tried 1800-555-1234 and it was some sweepstakes winner bit. How would I find these ANI, and ANI 2 numbers other than just guessing?" What is RCMAC? I noticed that on my BELL 2500, if i press 5 AND 6 together, I get a pretty neat tone.
  11. So basically, your getting the O to make the call for you? Say, if you call the operator, wouldn't they know who you were? Possibly leaving a log behind? Sorry about saying you didn't explain. I was viewing the site over a mobile device and flipped through your other post on this thread.
  12. I guess a good question to ask is: Do cellular companies listen for DTMF? I would figure since the phones make the noises BEFORE you dial out, that the noise is just a simulation for an "effect". :/
  13. Do the phone companies monitor these threads? Probably... I assume most of the users on binrev use cellular devices...
  14. I found the webpage. It was a little discouraging, the guy said it didn't really dial out perfectly EVERY time. How would someone even remotely know how to complete this task? He seems like an electrical engineer. Oh well..