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  1. OR This with This
  2. Edit by Natas: No w4r3z.
  3. It doesn't slow down my laptop.
  4. Stuff is ghetto, thanks.
  5. Will do, first I have to think of something smokin'!!!
  6. I was gonna try and enter sum recipes and pics, I asked my mum and she gave me a look, it was something like this >>> :growl:
  7. Nice food.
  8. Mac ports of games are rubbish.
  9. Is this only in America, because Wal-Mart has bought ASDA (super market) and they may have phones in there although I doubt it.
  10. I don't think they've been through puberty yet.
  11. Nice idea.
  12. I saw that link yesterday in Irongeek's newscat it's damn funny and the flames are about Mac and shit.
  13. The site looks good and that is a good find about the free domain.
  14. They have a linux school in the UK?!!! I'm the only person in a 10mile radius that knows of linux let alone uses it.
  15. OK
  16. Sorry, it worked for me. Just get a torrent.
  17. You should check this article out, it'll help you decide a distro for children
  18. You're right it is alot slower on a laptop and trying to create a virtual disk takes ages.
  19. LycorisWelcome <<< that code works.
  20. Sexy sexy Tor and now sexy sexy Torpark. One problem, I configured Tor and everything but in Firefoxi have my proxy settings to none but the little Tor thing at the bottom right hand corner of the screen is saying that Tor is connected and running?!
  21. I think you covered all thenecessary bits, it was a good read.
  22. Im sorry if this is a stupid question but does anyone know of any online telnet clients?
  23. Thankyou guys.
  24. You may want to try MUTE
  25. I don't want to get into trouble for getting the admin's password. systems_glitch shame that freebies one is broken it would have come in handy. Another question seeing as I can't find any good ones, how hard would it be to create one?