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  1. OR This with This
  2. Edit by Natas: No w4r3z.
  3. It doesn't slow down my laptop.
  4. Stuff is ghetto, thanks.
  5. Will do, first I have to think of something smokin'!!!
  6. I was gonna try and enter sum recipes and pics, I asked my mum and she gave me a look, it was something like this >>> :growl:
  7. Nice food.
  8. Mac ports of games are rubbish.
  9. Is this only in America, because Wal-Mart has bought ASDA (super market) and they may have phones in there although I doubt it.
  10. I don't think they've been through puberty yet.
  11. Nice idea.
  12. I saw that link yesterday in Irongeek's newscat it's damn funny and the flames are about Mac and shit.
  13. The site looks good and that is a good find about the free domain.
  14. They have a linux school in the UK?!!! I'm the only person in a 10mile radius that knows of linux let alone uses it.
  15. OK