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  1. Yea magicjack is actually alot better then what I thought it was gonna be for the price I give them that. But correct they block ALOT of exchanges belonging to smaller locally own'd telcos. Not sure they'd even need to limit dialup ISP numbers since jitter effects voip quality yea can still 3oo/12oo/24oo Error Correction turned off connect but I only wanna revisit 8bit days, not relive them.
  2. Anyone know if there's any service out there that's not a landline can dial DialAround, 700, 900, etc.. Anyone with Sprint/T-mobile/Verizon/MetroPCS/Cricket/please test see if your mobile allows this (ATT wireless does not (hey I can still get CSD thru them (good for analog modem connection/voice encryption software))) magicjack sucks anyone with nettalk? will try old gizmo/gvoice account I guess
  3. yea idk if I could throw away money on a project like that, to stick a device somewhere and forget about it . I do know if i came across anything like that I'd take that shit without hesitating heh somone would be out of some funds (hah I always look to see if some dumbass has a skimmer setup so I can take it )
  4. Could mark these up to 9.99 and 14.99 and sell them to 8bit/16bit hardware whores I have i think a 80mb flash on my old Amiga and I think a 16mb or 32mb on old Apple IIGS with dual applecats Just get the word out there in Atari/Amiga/Apple land you'll def move a few
  5. I remember scanning the feature carrier codes a while back (always looking for test number or something ) but I think the *88 lets you report tower outages and shit like that just ask him whats the # used for he'll tell you (how you suppose to report a tower outage if your tower is out?)
  6. too bad blockbuster didn't label theirs bluebox would of been a nice combo
  7. Nice Job, Was tinkering with the idea of building something along the same lines but activating the 2nd card when a NEW/UNKNOWN wifi device became present in the target area since the device is stationary can easily go against a known/unknown match table (I know kismet is passive) kinda leaves a hole in that idea.
  8. Agreed Security related ad's wouldn't be bad sure you'd get to many big biz ones thou. Rather see some Home Brew little guy selling stuff and of course can get tons of Hosting Companies I'm sure to pay (go after Shell/Seed Hosting for ad's) DRM-Free PDF all the way!
  9. My guess would be on the viewer/reader opening the .doc/.xml if it supports such a feature, OpenOffice, M$, etc. guess it all depends on them.
  10. Oh detecting just that would be easy via software, I thought the whole IVR idea was looking to break down scan results via ERROR CODES and what not via comparing results in realtime so you can get a really super complete job. I actually use the OLD USR 14.4 Courier modem for helping with simple scans since it's DSP code can be alter temp using the ATG= command edit some HEX and stays in ram till you powercycle or reload rom. I've gotten it to detect local error codes but it does miss sometimes for high db vmb/ivr stuff or loud people scream'n hello hehe but it isnt too bad figuring it can do MODEM, FAX, BONG TONE, LOCAL ERRORS (no it cannot tell me which errors but it marks them all as OOS number), and VOICE
  11. Audio sampling/comparing is a bitch to put it simply sooo many factors for realtime i just dont see it being done via software alone unless you leave a HUGE margin in there for error results (with quality, noise, peaking, tone levels). Thats why i just think a piece of HW made for telcom things would be the best choice to recode/mod for this. Yea even with a large error results table you'll still weed out a bunch of items automatically instead of doing it manually so it would serve some use. (ugh i just think of all the stupid IVR shit i deal with now that wont allow keypad input and accepts word commands only and has a error rate of 1 in 5 spoken commands, hehe)
  12. My bad your correct it's PROLINE 2V ,Nahh got snippets of code nothing functional
  13. Check out the Dialogic PROVOICE 2V card, Has a 56002 moto_dsp is made for telcom signaling and theres tons of source out there for 5600x dsp's (everything from atari_falcons, NeXT boxes, 56001 HAM kits, etc..) that was the card I selected for design around a killer AIO wardialer. Could always attempt response matching (compare first 15 secs of recording to dbase (this of course would slow the scanning down)) just peep the specs for the card, it's def. for analog
  14. Anyone know if anyone has taken the task of having a WAP dbase available for interesting numbers? Gotta admit it'd be nice to pull out the cellie and pull up a nice dbase of numbers (scans, test, etc.) add and view