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  1. i have an e1705 and had to install from the alternate cd. I found this. So you're not going to get much help using it to repartition. I have found that the Gparted livecd works just fine though.
  2. hmm, that nircmd program looks promising, but wouldn't I have to have physical access to his computer to use it? or could i execute those commands from my computer over the network? The RA knows. Two of them do actually. Everyone hates this kid, administrators, RAs, students. Calling his parents would do nothing. I doubt he's ever heard the word "No" cross their lips.
  3. oh, I just remembered something very funny. This is a direct quote from him; What flood gates would that open for me? And honestly, I'm not above DBANing both his computers.
  4. okay, thanks to google(and assuming this is right) I now know what arp poisoning is, but I have no idea how to do it. google returned links related to cain&abel, and ettercap. but I have no idea how to use them correctly, and my school's antivirus bs has already bitched at me for trying to run cain&abel.
  5. my room mate is a total asshole. His AIM sign on sound is "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" and he refuses to turn his speakers down at night while he's logged on. I have access to his wireless router. I'm currently running 60 iterations of the following batch file: ping -t -w 01 but only because the following is timing out ping -t -l 65500 -w 01 it seems to be having no effect. Also, his music sucks. Anyway to remotely mute him/shut him down?
  6. Well, we gave up on that power supply, and wound up finding another from a kid in the room below us. We currently have 2 UVs on the exterior of the fridge, 1 red in the fridge. We have to get some speaker wire from ACE hardware or Radioshack so we can run power to blue and green, but I'll try to get pics up of our current setup.
  7. Our problem is that we don't know how to 'fake' a motherboard with this power supply. We have 2 connections to the motherboard, The first connector has; ground, ground, -12v, +12v, +5v, and power ground on the second one we have; +5v, +5v, +5v, -5v, ground, ground We found something online that said powerground turned to +5v when voltage stabilized, so we tried grounding it, and we tried connecting it to -5v. Before that we had read it wrong and connected it to +5v, which resulted in the fan turning on, and the lights turning on for about 5 seconds, then it just shut down. I'll get pictures the next time my room mate is in, cause I aint gots no camera.
  8. We don't have that many CDs, and I fear we will never get this thing working. You think there may be a minimum load required to keep it going?
  9. It's a 1997 power supply from a Compaq, that ran 95. I consider 9 years old to be old. I probobally wouldn't be able to make sense of that link, but my room mate could, I'll ask him when he gets back from work.
  10. I have a power supply(Mitac SPU-75) that came out of my grandfather's old computer. My room mate and I want to power three or four cold cathodes sets with it. My room mate knows more about electronic hardware than me, and could explain it better, but basically we know we have to trick it into thinking a motherboard is present, and we know which cables are supposed to connect to the motherboard. We know which wires have which signal, but we cant get the lights, or power supply fan, to stay on for more than 5 seconds at a time. We'v tries connecting the power ground to everything, we tried a bunch of stuff that wound up with some fun shocks, and a paperclip in the place of the fuse. Can anyone help?
  11. I followed Matt here from another forum when it went down. No, but I checked daily for about a month because of it.
  12. I remember at one point, I installed a keylogger on my family computer a while ago, and on my dad's laptop, because my "target" moved over to using the laptop. It worked really well, it got past AOL's software which uses McAfee, and symantec, which I believe is Norton. I believe it was called Python Keylogger. I got it from my friend's site, but he has changed the url since then, to avoid the school blocking his proxy. It had a sourceforge page, but when I was searching earlier today(so I could make sure my roommate wasn't using my computer) I found a project labeled Python Keylogger for Windows, and if it is the same project, they've updated to the point where anyone snooping on your computer could make sense of it, ie. added a simple gui. Python Keylogger
  13. I'm trying to repartition my "120 gig"(closer to 110) laptop harddrive in order to dual boot Fedora Core 5. So far I've tried qtparted with Knoppix, which gave me a No Implementation error, and a not-so-legit copy of partition magic 8.0, which didn't do anything. I've tried to get GParted, but sourceforge doesn't want to load for me, and I don't think it'll be much more successful than qtparted. I have all of my files backed up on an external drive, and I have redundant copies of my critical data(college essays). So, my question is, what would be the best(and cheapest) way to get my system to dual boot? Should I format, create 2 partitions, and reinstall windows, then install FC5. Should I try GParted? Is there another method I am overlooking?
  14. Thank you, fixmbr worked. Just out of curiosity, would any XP disk work or would I have to use the same version(home, pro, media) that I'm running?
  15. So, how should I go about restoring windows boot manager? I don't have much critical data, and I'm just going to use knoppix to transfer those files to my thumbstick. But I have a bunch of media that I would like to keep, that I'm not so sutre I would be able to find again.