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  1. taught myself mostly buuuuut used others guides primarily to begin to do so. So I figure it's a combo. Now I'm engaging with others and trying to get active in the community since I'm pretty certain that will help.
  2. I asked google about "top hacking forums" and one of the results was this page: http://hackingspecialist.blogspot.com/2012/08/top-hacking-forums.html Pretty sure that's how I remember it. Yeah.
  3. Ahoy mates! Found your site in my usual wanderings and a big tip o' the hat to you all. Seems like a great community... Let's see a bit about ole cap'n... Been in the IT field most my life(mostly as your break/fix tech. or lowly help desk 1 or 2) but I've managed to wet my beak in some interesting fields doing so as well(live & on-demand media streaming, POS systems). My C++ skills are rusty at best at this point but I'm pretty up to date on modern web languages: HTML/PHP/XML etc. and could probably work on my jQuery/Javascript skills. You can take a wild guess which Linux distro I'm using though I've tried and used all the majors and am now happily in the specialty aisle. Anyways that seems sufficient for now wouldn't you say? ... and don't forget to always eat a balanced breakfast! - Cap'n'Bang