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  1. What are motivations for leaving with him anyway? Loyalty? I think that might be a misplaced motivation. Unless your leaving for your own reasons then really where would you be better suited to help out your friend? Struggling along side him or remaining supportive while pursuing a position that could escelate yourself above the struggle. By leaving your creating twice the amount of obstacles and forfeiting your opportunity to be in a position to actually help. Ultimately I would probably decide to concentrate on making positive decisions for myself. Take some time with your decision since there seems to me there is a strong possiblity of regret. You can always join him later. (try not to pick on my spelling huh?)
  2. I share a wlan with 9 others in a house. I do not have any sort of administrative access or control. Is it possible to remain undetected? Are they any ways to protect myself from any attempts to identify me? I have no malicious intent, I just like spending more time on line than the network administrator would like. Not everybody at once now......