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  1. Do you know exactly where you can do this, I mean a specific service provider, I would be interested in this. I know somewhere you can get a premium number for £30, but it is listed as an 0906 etc number, not a mobile.
  2. To answer an earlier post, it was basically beige boxing - an old technique but using new technology -that's what it has to do with phreaking. Thats why I posted it, oh well, thought some people would be interested ...
  3. Here in the UK, someone's just been caught using an mp3 player to intercept details from free-standing ATM machines by splicing into the phone line. He then decoded the information using software and cloned custumers' cards. Just goes to show, phreakings not dead, even the old school stuff. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/11/18/mp3_player_atm_hack/ Theres plenty more stories on this, Im surprised no-one else has mentioned it here ..
  4. Mostly all voip stuff, boring, in fact making calls over the internet will probably kill phreaking. There wont be a need to do it any more. Its a shame
  5. Ok my reader is finished and just needs testing. I actually wasted some time thinking about and trying to make a guide fixed to the drive to make it one 'unit'. I did actually make a guide out of some plastic packaging but in the end I just took the floppy's lid - a pirece of Al sheet if its like mine - placed it alongside the reader/floppy and, hey presto, an instant guide using the straight edge of the lid. You adjust the height to read the different tracks on the card by simply placing magazines etc under the floppy to raise the height of the unit. In theory anyway. Done this way this project was very simple and cheap. I reckon I could make one now in less than five minutes starting from scratch. Oh, forgot to say I 'earthed' the arm to where it was originally mounted. Just need to test it now. What would be good is if proper readers use windows software so you could read the card like a floppy disk. I doubt it, but worth a try. Anyone know what software those things use?
  6. zal91 what kind of wireless speakers do you mean? (Btw I used to work in kettering) Anyway, what I really need for this phone to work is a small receiver constantly tuned in to the phones operating frequency to let me know if theres another in range. Switching the hook on and off is unworkable. But there must be some people still using these .. Baby monitos make good cheap bugs - theres a good article in Eye Spy mag this month on how to do it, £2 from a car boot sale
  7. Ok heres my latest (not spent a great deal of time to be honest), the upper reader head is located on a spring loaded 'arm' secured by two screws. It took me two minutes to undo these screws and release the spring thus freeing the upper 'arm'. The upper reader head, still attached to its cable, is now free to put it wherever I want to. I think this is basically it. Nothing I have done has disturbed or stopped the rest of the mechanism from working - as long as you use an old (blank?) floppy to 'fool' the drive into thinking itys working it should read. Oh, and disconnecting the lower read head cable so there are no conflicting signals to read, maybe from the floppy. It should still work as im assuming there are only two heads to maximise the storage capacity of a disk (both sides) I think it should still work with one. The read head is now mounted on the side of the unit by double sided tape, and I have a guide lined up to use, but this is far as Ive got right now. I need a 32 pin IDE cable to test it, but even then my comp' is out of action right now so Ive got nothing to hook it up to.
  8. Im out and about now and dont have a picture, and google didnt bring up much either. Will post a pic later. Anyway, I took it out with me out of curiosity and tried it a few times but couldnt get a signal, I guess no-one uses these any more. You have to keep pressing the hook button, and if it doesnt get a signal it switches itself off after a few seconds. I will keep playing with it. Btw thought these worked off 27mhz in this country?
  9. Hey, we can compare notes as we go along!
  10. Got one at a car boot sale over the weekend for £2.50 but with no instructions, its a BT F1025, going to have some fun with it, any suggestions or info about this model?
  11. Yeh, thats what Im planning on doing, relocating the heads in a homemade guide for easy card reading ... when I get round to it ...maybe tonight
  12. I don't think its a problem either. Btw, have sourced a suitable floppy drive (it came along first) but there are TWO reader heads (it reads both sides of the floppy unlike a mag stripe card) and I am wondering what to do about this, mount them side by side?..... I gues this is one problem I wouldnt have with a cassette player
  13. im no expert, but floppy drives move in a circular motion whereas a tape head is already setup to read linear tape.... Yes as Jesus said the drive doesnt come into play, the read head is fixed as in a cassette player, you have to make some kind of guide for the card but you do whichever you go for (or do it by hand) ... maybe I will use a cassette anyway, rather than butcher a floppy drive
  14. Just read a textfile on textfiles.com that said you cant use an ordinary cassette player head, now Im confused, cant see why not. Although the reason for using an old floppy drive is that it would be simpler as they are already configured to read and present written information, no sound cards or other convertors necessary
  15. I approve of what you've done, although I dont have any pics to show you in return - all I have is a modified micro-beige box and that is only to alleviate a sticking hook switch. Modified things in general rule