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  1. Yeah I'm not a nubie, but I couldn't figure out where else to put it. Anyhow... I was talking with a guy at a shoretel conference a few months ago about a device that connects to your cell phone and basically turns it into an analog trunk that can be used in a pbx system. Now this would be super sweet for the demos I do (avaya/shoretel/etc), rather than bringing in a vonage box and plugging into their network. Anyone have an idea of what it's called or who makes it? It completely escapes me.
  2. The only thing he could tell is that you connected to a system at a specific IP at a certain time at a certain port from a certain place. He wouldn't be able to snoop in on it, as RDP (5.1+ (XP)) uses 128bit enc by default. Unless of course he is ambitious and you are not all patched up...
  3. Yeah ICS is what you'll want to use as it basically turns the system into a router. I think you could also accomplish this by bridging the lan to the wireless (in windows xp).
  4. If I remember correctly, that folder is created on any drive that is formatted with NTFS within windows XP.
  5. it's free.
  6. Me thinks that if you let them know that you think that they are spying on you...they will start collecting your info. DONT POKE THE BEAR.
  7. What OS are you running? Have you tried command.exe instead of cmd?
  8. I'm running Elive right now. I must say, this is a pretty slick little distro!
  9. could have your very good friend buy you a Southford MPXS-14 kit for your birthday! I've tried making them out of hacksaw blades; ended up just making a mess.
  10. Windows is fine, lots of Open source tools are available. Or you could try downloading a 'security distro' like backtrack (google it) and run that off the CD to give it a whirl. Then again; BeOS is the shiznit.
  11. There are quite a few VoIP phones with built in switches for this very purpose. While they are most expensive than regular voip phones, it becomes more cost effective than running new cabling, especially in a large corporate env. Then get yourself a Powerdsine midspan, and you have data/VoIP/PoE all on one cable (unless you have a fancy poe switch already...)
  12. Depends on a) the budget what they have now c) where they plan to be going. I know it's just a logical project, but that is always something to look at when doing something like this. Asterisk is cheap, yes. But not something I would consider *right now* for a corporate environment (just my opinion). Drop in a Shoretel system if you want to do all voip.
  13. :help: is this UP good or? ← You still didn't mention if you are using wireless or wired, and whom the maker of the device is (ie orinoco, dlink, intel, etc).
  14. Use backtrack to dump the sam hashes into a file, then send those hash files to plain-text for cracking. I had a pretty complex one and it cracked it in 29 minutes. Here's a whole tutorial provided from google! Props to irongeek for the video. This of course won't do you any good if you're on a domain. And yes, get a thumbdrive, they're friggin cheap.
  15. I had watched a video of the XGL and thought it was pretty fantastic...didn't know a distro had it incorporated already. Until I read this thread... 20 minutes later I have Kororaa running on my system and WOW this is pretty fantastic. It's about the same as ubuntu application wise...but this xgl is pretty. It's more eye-candy than true utility...but its pretty neat. I'll be showing the guys in the office on monday...
  16. I've heard that holding down the left shit key as the system boots will bypass the bios password; or so I've heard.
  17. Try this guide, I used this and was able to get it to install to an old ass compaq. DSL floppy install
  18. Me thinks that anything short of a meteor the size of the moon hitting earth wont change the orbit. But hey, i'll try anyways!
  19. I love DSL. Don't have a system around here under-powered enough to need to run it, but i load it into QEMU for shits and giggles once in a while. Load that sucker into memory and it runs like a bat outta hell.
  20. If you jump into a command prompt, type 'sc' and see what options it gives you. This allows you to manually create services via command line. DESCRIPTION: SC is a command line program used for communicating with the NT Service Controller and services. USAGE: sc <server> [command] [service name] <option1> <option2>... The option <server> has the form "\\ServerName" Further help on commands can be obtained by typing: "sc [command]"
  21. I had use PFSense for a while: PFSense It was pretty damn easy to setup and get running...had it going in about an hour with all of our firewall rules and such. Worked rather well. Nice, easy to use GUI. If I wasn't using a corporate type hardware firewall, i'd probably put another pfsense box in place.
  22. The best i've used so far is miniPE XT. That cd is so damn handy.
  23. Heres a trick, Right click my computer, go to advanced, and then environment variables. In system variables, edit 'Path', and add ';c:\path\to\your\nmap' (without quotes). now you can just open a command prompt and type nmap and it'll work like MAGIC. joy.
  24. I haven't seen any gas stations around me that do that, but I've seen several resturants do that. I usually get the pen and scribble over the number until it tears (sans the last 4, of course). I know alot of people don't keep their reciepts and just toss them aside; 'What for? I have online banking! I'm a very trusting person!'. Eeesh.
  25. well..normally you would just burn the ISO image onto a disc via nero or alcohol or whatever.... Also... you need to set your BIOS to boot from the CDROM. Usually hit DEL (or F2) when the system starts will get you into there.