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  1. Apparently DDP is a children's clothing line in Europe. Yay for mobile phone cameras.
  2. I recently stayed at a hotel and wanted to put my wallet in the electronic safe in my room. Unfortunately, the last occupant left the safe locked-open after he used it. (The door was open, but the bolts were extended so you couldn't close the safe.) I couldn't reset the code because the door must be unlocked to do that. I figured I might as well make a few attempts before I gave up, so I began typing codes on the keypad. 0000 (beep) 1111 (beep) 1234 (click!) Yep, it only took three tries. This got me wondering if there were any common/default security code lists out there. I've seen many password lists (secret, money, love, god, etc.) out there, but I don't remember seeing on just for numbers. It would be useful in a situation like this. Anyone seen a list like that? Interested in creating one?
  3. Looks like I didn't even post to the correct forum, so it was moved here from general hacking. Guess I should read the linkz forum more often. I'm such a noob.
  4. I've done the Google thing with no luck. Does anyone happen to know a place that might have some sample sounds from moviefone? It would be fun to have on my Asterisk box for telemarketers, etc.
  5. Support is awesome with digium. Mine was hit by lightning but they replaced it under warranty anyway. Works great as long as you don't try putting 100000 volts through it.
  6. Don't know how long this will last. For 5 euros a month, you get an IP on a Swedish VPN. No customer database logging. Looks like this will be great for anonymity and privacy. here's the company here's the article
  7. I'll start by saying I've listened to security now, and I've enjoyed a few of the shows. My issue with security now is the actual content. I just don't agree with many things he says. I realize it's supposed to be "dumbed-down" for the average listener, but it sounds like his expertise doesn't go much deeper than that. He makes broad generalizations and throws around words like "hacker" and "security" without giving much thought to their meanings. Scariest of all, I've heard him recommend (a few times) products or methods that are "totally secure." I don't want to support him or validate his "expertise." Feel free to disagree with me on this one. My attitude may need correcting. I found this site to be interesting also.
  8. Thanks. That's exactly what I needed.
  9. Anyone know where you can find maps of long-distance zones to see which towns are long-distance to other towns? Google has not been my friend on this particlar search.
  10. I've read some good articles (particularly the one on i-hacked) about capturing the data from rf remotes, but I haven't seen any detailed discussions on replay attacks. Plenty of stuff is out there about infrared though. I'd like to experiment with these remotes, especially the transmission end. Can anyone suggest some good starting points. I'm also considering rigging my front door so it unlocks when I remotely lock the car. (Yeah, I'm kind of lazy.) Probably not a good idea if a replay is too easy. So far, the biggest issue I see for doing it with a computer is the carrier frequency. It's too high to sample, so most projects I've seen demodulate it and loose the carrier. For a replay, you would have to re-create the carrier. Any ideas? Thanks.