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  1. You guys need to try the Reverse-Relay [tm:me]. /ab
  2. The best way to find out would be to go to your office, knock on the door (loud), and ask if you could get a tour. Say you're a telecom entheusaist and you were intrested in the (rare) 1AESS. Sure, it might be a little akward at first, but trust me.. you will forever thank yourself. Bring a camera with fresh batteries and lots of memory too My local CO is not exactly what you would call inviting. They have a sign on the door. This is not where you pay your bill. Call 800-blah blah blah... We do not hire here. Call 800-SBC-JOBS... For deliveries, go to the side door. I don't think they'd let me. This switch has been owned by Southwestern Bell / SBC since I was a little kid. I've always lived in the same CO. And... it's not a small town, it's Dallas. Aha, a Dallasite! I used to live right down the street from the telephone trifecta: three companies splat within a 3 block radius, all with major installations (and by that I mean more than one building)... I'll give you some fun locally relevant info if you can guess (preferably via private message) my old intersection and you promise not to get into TOO much trouble with the stuff I pass along... :devil: /ab
  3. Not to go tooting the PHC horn, but the last two unofficial Phracks both had phone articles -- and without the unofficial ones you're not likely to get any phone articles any time soon (well, maybe an IP telephony article every now and again or something)... You can snag the whole issues at http://www.phrack.nl ... I see two of the articles made it into your zip file - surprised you left out the IP telephony stuff. *shrug* FWIW the reason the last 6 issues had no phone articles -- and why any future ones are unlikely to have any phone articles -- is because a bunch of Europeans basically stole Phrack when Mike (route) stopped giving a shit... And before that, Mike pretty much disrespected telephony -- he's the one that basically tried to completely remake over the whole zine into something rather boring and vanilla... Craig would've been bummed -- the whole idea of Phrack in the first place was the culture; code & techniques die eventually -- it's the memories that really matter -- but then the culture's changed a lot too -- maybe it's our fault that happened, too... But anyway, the last real phone articles pretty much ended around the time when Shiffman took over, and it's been going downhill since then. *sigh* :cuss: There's your history lesson for the day. /ab
  4. Er, well that's sort of correct... but really it's more like SWITCH replaced COSMOS, thereby obsoleting it -- while the idea and the function are more or less the same (a big database that keeps track of OE stuff, etc) it's completely different software. I guess what I'm saying is, read all you can about the provisioning PROCESS, understand the various systems' FUNCTIONS and where they fit within the scheme of the OAM&P depts... but you'd be wasting a lot of brain cells if you went and started memorizing any of those COSMOS commands... /ab
  5. Wow, thanks -- you just gave me flashbacks of the movie "Electric Dreams"... Oh and "Lawnmower Man" parts I & II. Oh, and that other movie where that guy becomes part of the international wiring system or whatever and kills people through their home appliances. Yeah, thanks again. BTW, I'm lazy -- what's the "Rating: < 0 ( ) 3 >" thing all about, anyway? /ab
  6. Actually that itself should tell you that it's not passing the real #, since 555-1212 isn't technically the number they'd be calling from... translations stuff, combined with the wonders of rotaries -- what I mean is that they're calling from a "real" number, not a 555 number -- among other things (like how they can bill for the call differently than as a regular call) this is why every once in a blue moon you'll find a "backdoor" into 411 information (which is in another prefix entirely, and which won't pick up the extra billing)... I'll try to get to the T-Mobile thing in a bit -- my computer access (but not my network access -- figure that one out ) is sporadic right now... Hope to be back on the forums more often & soon... /ab
  7. Message 5-dash-OH. Thank you for calling AT&T Wireless. We're sorry, but the call you have made requires a coin deposit. Please hang up, go to the nearest payphone, insert 25cents and try your call again. This message will repeat. [Erm. Or maybe not.] /ab
  8. http://abusabletech.org/archives/000026.html
  9. I don't know if this will be of much help to you, but I used to do consulting work for a government defense contractor... the "YOU SHOULD HAVE NO EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY" is actually a standard part of the federal government issue banner for gov systems... You'll see it in a few private systems, but that's primarily where you'll find it. *shrug* { Phear: } /ab
  10. Forgive me my analytical bent, but am I correct in assuming that you are having the same problem with both speakerphone and shoulderphone attempts? /ab
  11. Nah, actually it's gotten a bit confusing lately, especially with SBC acquiring, say, Ameritech (way up north -- I mean, not very South, Western, or Bell, right?) And, of course, Verizon's no better. I can't even keep track of all the OCN changes there, sometimes. I was majorly bummed when VZN merged with GTE. It totally ruined my year (sort of like when NYNEX got sucked into Bell Atlantic, er I mean Verizon, etc.). Incidentally, I have a little AXE simulator (DOS-based) program, as well as a fairly complete AXE command list floating around on my laptop. I'll dig it up and find a way to post a link to it by Friday morning. I've sucked for contributions lately - sorry. /ab
  12. I've used a lot of different pseudonyms over the years -- that would be why; that, and that the pseudonyms I use pull up thousands of google hits (which is good when you tend towards being a private person with a big mouth about things only marginally legal, if that). My site was passworded until I took it down several months ago... Which reminds me -- I need a new place to put some stuff. Anybody want to give me a hosting account with a lot of meggage so I can dump some stuff for general use (I'm sure at least some of it would prove interesting and/or useful to the person providing said hosting)? I don't have a reliable connection right now, and money is really tight at the moment. Wouldn't be public or indexed, would just be available to maybe 20 people, the majority of which is on Stank's forums, so there wouldn't be a huge amount of traffic. Yeah, yeah, always asking for something!@#$% /ab
  13. Haha, so YOU'RE the one they picked over me, Jenn! (I am actually being serious... This was before they had a DMOZ category editor on phreaking, and I actually had applied... :badmonkey: But hey, I'll live I haven't been on DMOZ in a while; I'm not sure if that means I carry a grudge or not, since DMOZ has been a really useful tool.) Cheers, girl! /ab
  14. Hey ic0n, lemme know what kind of logo you want -- my oldsk00l ascii-art skills could use a bit of flexing... /ab
  15. #!/bin/sh # @(#)rcpu5E.sh 73.4 # Name - RCPU report shell for Call PickUp Group. # Purpose - from the input paramters, call the appropriate ACE reports. # There are 3 different types of reports # 1) list all assigned call pickup group numbers. # 2) list detail info for either all or a particular # group number. # # Usage: rcpu5E.sh $custid $cpug $prtdata # # where cpug = Call PickUp Group Number # prtdata = D or L. If D, then detail, else listing only. # # Data check # if [ $# -lt 2 ] then echo "Usage: `basename $0` custid [CPUGroup#] {D|L}" exit 1 fi # Set the PATH to find the $report.arc files if [ x${CCRS_USR} = x ] then echo "Environment variable CCRS_USR has not been set. Exiting." exit 2 fi RPTDIR=${CCRS_USR}/reports ACEBIN=${INFORMIXDIR}/bin rc=0 custid="$1" cpugrp="$2" prntdata="$3" if [ ! -d ${RPTDIR} ] then echo "Report search directory [${RPTDIR}] does not exist." fi case $custid in "") custid="*" ;; esac case $cpugrp in "") # if no Call PickUp Group Number, get all cpugrp='-1' ;; esac export custid cpugrp prntdata # # Detail or Listing for Assigned Call PickUp Groups. # case $prntdata in L ) ${ACEBIN}/sacego -d ${CCRSDB} -s ${RPTDIR}/rcpu5E_L "${custid}" A rc=$? ;; D ) ${ACEBIN}/sacego -d ${CCRSDB} -s ${RPTDIR}/rcpu5E_D "${custid}" "${cpugrp}" rc=$? ;; *) echo "Invalid report parameter [$3]. Try {D,L}. Exiting.." exit 4 ;; esac exit $rc # I'm a useless shell script. # # /ab