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  2. your right. PHRACK OWNS!
  3. First of all, I don't remember a choice in religon for me, Second, my "Piece of shit eyes" gave you the right to sit here and flame me in the name of free speech. I spent the last 18 months in Iraq as Sniper support. I love the military and was proud to go when my country needed me, But I can tell you that I didn't come home to have someone like you flame me when I use MY freedom of speech for opposing an idea/thought or in this case a website... :nono: well, i'm certainly glad that our armed forces are busy securing our rights by fighting this war... uh... oh wait. is that what you say whenever anyone gives you shit? and what makes you so sure that m00ingf0rm3 is from the US?
  5. how to mess up a computer:
  6. Do cows moo? that is, if they haven't already retired all of the analog network equipment in your town. I'm thinking that hohos got it. The question is, if such a backdoor exists, is whether it's an undocumented feature of the network or something that was hacked together. does anyone know how standard the hardware/software used for cellular infrastructure is? It might be worthwhile to read something about how the call setup takes place for e911 calls on handets with no service. veddy intededesting.
  7. every person who I have ever talked to who has gone to ITT or any other such tech/trade-type place has said it was CRAP. trade schools are diploma factories. Don't go their to learn, go their to get a high-paying job which you are vastly underqualified for.
  8. Pete Shipley (a hacker - coined the term "wardriving". His definition is "Driving around, looking for wireless networks."
  9. ELKS will only run on direct relatives of the 8086/8088.
  10. well, there was that one story about a year ago where the guy was wardriving, downloading child porn, driving the wrong way down a one-way street, and not wearing pants. I'm pretty sure he got convicted.
  11. You'd be surprised. The average Joe Schmoe might not waste time attempting to crack it, but you may get a bunch of wardrivers parking outside your house who don't mind taking the time to attempt to crack it. the only time i would ever do that, is if their where weak keys.
  12. and ATI only has drivers that give you hardware acceleration for the radeon 8500 and higher (or something). it required a little tweaking to get acceleration working with the radeon 7500 in my thinkpad.
  13. some cdrs are cheap, and simply won't take at high speeds.
  14. one of the best, and oft-overlooked methods of WI-FI security is to figure out a way to cut down on signal leakage, or to simply reduce signal output.