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  1. You might find more help in the what community.
  2. Sounds like your thinking of Perfmon.
  3. I've been getting a ridiculous amount of these on my msn account over the past few months :cuss:
  4. I was also having issues with this as well. After a couple of attempts, I just configured my partitions manualy, and boom it worked fine. ./edit #re-phrasing
  5. I've been trying to play around with Ettercap as well latley. Couldn't find a whole lot on tutorials either however I did find it helpful to read through the Man pages.
  6. I've always wondered if there was a good IP cam software solution for linux. Somthing that could be incorporated into a actual security camera setup.
  7. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone here can help me shed some light on my situation. I currently have had my cell phone number for just over a year now, right when I first got it I was recieving odd phone calls always asking for the same person. Recently they have picked up and I am sick of it, sometimes my caller ID will even show weird things like just an area code like 416 or 866. I've started just losing it on these people when they call me however today I got a really odd one I got phone from the toll free number 866-525-6512 and I just heard please wait and music, then someone one the phone asked me if I was this same name again I said no, I then asked them who we worked for and what he was calling for and he would tell me nothing else other than it was for a financial matter. Interested in who it was I called back this number and the person on the other line almost seemed like he was taken by the call. He would tell me anything other than that they delt with private matters. It didnt sound like a call center or anything however I did over hear some typing. Does anyone have any idea of whats going on here or a way to figure out what this number 866-525-6512 has to do with? I almost feel like my number is being used for fraudlant due to the fact when people ask me if this is X number it is thats my number!!!
  8. You could try and do a low level format on the drive.
  9. Is anyone still meeting? I'm going to be back in the area in September and will be willing to attend then.
  10. A coupler would be a ideal if you do not wish to re run the cable.
  11. I would just run the wire again, might cost a bit more but your gonna get way better peformance out ofi t that way. Just go to the end of the run and tape it off with electrical tape you will be able to pull the new cable through that way. You probably could jimmy rigg it somehow together and get it to work but when it comes to ethernet I'm assuming the cable will be used for internet on a computer and your going to want to get the max out of the cable. If you just leave it the way it is you might end up getting frustrated later on with odd problems which "possibly" could be caused by interference and will be a headache to troubleshoot. However I don't really know how bad the tear in it really is so its up to your judgement and expectations.
  12. Tunneling potentially could.
  13. Do you have cable or adsl?
  14. Are you running any sort of windows server box?
  15. In other words do NOT forget your bios password if you wish to set one.