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  1. dasnov[dot]mine[dot]nu http://google.com/translate serves as a proxy for desperate times. and if that gets block there's always google.co.uk, google.nl, google.ca, google.to and so on.
  2. I know.
  3. If you really don't want the people at myspace to find out about this, it would probably be best to edit out all your posts in this topic, because it is likely that some little asshat will report it (see http://www.binrev.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=18311 ). This is the type of thing that you say "don't tell anyone else", and then that person tells another and they tell another etc.
  4. Great idea H5N1. I was actually messing around with trying to insert javascript by using the fscommand() function in flash, but i found out that myspace sets allowScriptAccess which disables all the fun stuff. I can't believe I didn't think to use getURL(). Anyways cheers to you, i can see lots of fun with redirections. If this gets reported there isn't anything myspace can do, since there currently aren't any ways to disable this function. I wonder if this will end up being widely abused and end up forcing myspace to disable flash completly :devil:
  5. who called the spelling police?
  6. First it boggles my mind why you would even willingly hand over your computer without securely wiping it as others have stated. Second what ever happened to a thing called backups? Looks like you have learned many lessons at once on this.
  7. Stop being a script kiddie and write your own tools, it isn't hard to write a simple keylogger eather. To hide it also isn't difficult, eather use a deceiving name, have it loaded as a dll (google dll injection), or go all out rootkit.
  8. fuck you. anyways for those of you still interested in destroying myspaces, i have had great sucess by just simply sending out links to a phishing page i made. who needs a vulnerability when you can exploit natural stupdity?
  9. i know it would take allot of space, but i'm just curious where did you get that number?
  10. they even have a link to that directory on the main page plus a link to this one to http://www.mycomputered.cc/vallejo/ no way in hell would ever i go to a school like that
  11. First get the version of the router, normally displayed in the dialog asking for the username and password, and then google for the default user and pass. if it is changed then google for router backdoors (username and passwords that are embeded in the firmware). if all else fails then just write a simple program/script that will brute force it. most routers don't allow you to change the username so all you will have to do is find the pass.
  12. You won't be able to put all that data on a cd AND have it play on a stand alone cd player. try spliting it up and making multiple cd's if you want it to run a normal player.
  13. yes, that is all the card readers look at. search around for blank credit cards on google or something, they aren't hard to find. heres a pic http://www.idcardgroup.com/pvc-card.html
  14. or are you? :devil: seriously when was the last time you you audited yoru system, checked for rootkits, viruses and other malware while not running in your normal os?
  15. everyone is going to have their own favorite, and it all depends on the system specs and what you plan on doing with the box. my favorite is debian, easy, fast, and stable.