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  1. hey guys yeah, i think i have to find a vulnerability or something. but are there any sources for this? somewhere that reports vulnerabilities in web apps. and i dont want to use vulnerability scanners. duper thanks for the link. and Hembree is right. i'm not trying to hack this forums! i'm not a pro! just trying to learn something. thats all!
  2. This is exactly what i'm tryin to do! I tried that useragent thing. tried BeTheBot too. but no use. Is this means that there is no way to do this? oh, except trying to get a moderator's password!
  3. Hi this is my first post here! i was googling the whole day for this but I gain nothing! Is it possible to access private areas of a forum which is not allowed for you? sometimes you need to pay to get some info from a private forum! Can google crawl into these places? I tried some google searchs (like site intext intitle and ...) but I couldn't get what I want! so any suggestions? (i'm sorry for my bad english. its not my native lang!) regards!
  4. Hi there Is there any ways to gain a free internet account? please don't tell me about trojans and pass senders. i mean tell the ways to hack an isp or crack its passwords and usernames or sniffing the network to get the user & pass & phone number or other ways and methods that works. thank U