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  1. hahaha fearss kid

  2. edit: SPAMMER! I was so fearing...!!!
  3. maybe max knows the answers to these questions
  4. I'm.... LAY ZEE!!
  5. -- l33test EDIT: Due to natas being a lazy ass, I have to add that this txt site is better
  6. we're baccccckkk!!
  8. Oh man, I will f33r voip wardialers w/ CNAM
  9. VOIPJET *ALWAYS* DOES THIS, the CPN *IS* SPOOFED, WITH A PRIVATE TAG HOWEVER, but alas, there *IS* a use for this, you can spoof people's cellphone numbers to their cellphones and all they see is 'private' which they will most likely not answer, little do they know when they drop you to voicemail you're in their mailbox muhahahaha (worx on cingular, t-mobile, and a few others)
  10. I haven't personally called this number yet, however I tend to think that this is a payphone and some kid passing by probably just picked up and said that to be funny, since Exvitel says he got a high pitched sound after a few rings, this would make sense, the high pitched sound is a modem, which is found in many payphones, esp. Cocots
  11. He SAID something else, that he's leaving out of the post, he DIDN'T say he was special, but he said something...
  12. not necessarily, they seemed to NOT BUDGE on the last 4 of SSN, UNLESS I spoofed Caller ID to them w/ the phone # of the account holder, then they drop their guard, noobs.
  13. Your co-worker is dealing w/ the most insecure of the phone companies too, aww the irony.
  14. No MCI can be 0wn3d by just plain stupidity, all you need is an account number (which one would need to write a check *wink wink to you SEers) and the phone number, no other personal information required
  15. i'm f33ring