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  1. i was reading the lable on the back of my tooth paste this morning and i saw that it said dont swallow the tooth paste so i decided to be a rebal and see what happens turns out nothing really at all happens i might die or something but other then that i seem fine.
  2. A computer is only as good as its user.
  3. oh geez oh man...IM a mIme
  4. wow sounds like a registry problem to me. i would go in and do some rootine work checks and find that lil bugger thats implanting its self. its some where deep in your reg.
  5. what dose this have to do with old skool pHreakING? hm o well sweet. yeah k so at the bottom that page that says yes i accept well theres your probLEMa ChEkIT foo! :monk:
  6. lets just say the every thing is illegal. come on think about it your in the united fucking states yeah boie heh heh yeah its wall illegal, heck maybe some day they will make downloading music illegal too.