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  1. So the blue is the new green and the white is the new red? Also, where the top wire comes out of the plastic piece on the right side of the TNI box, it looks half blue and half white. Should i follow that wire down until it turns all white and clamp down on that with the Vampire clip connected to my red wire? Is there are reason that the wire looks half blue and half white, then turns completely blue, then completely white? Also, do you know where I can purcahse the vampire clips? Thanks for your help, wouldn't have figured it out otherwise.
  2. Hey everyone, I really need some help on this one. I just made a beige box a few days ago and I've been trying to hook it up in my TNI, but I have not been able to figure my TNI box out (pictures are attached). All of the searching online that I've done is no help. I can't find any screws that have a red wire attached in my TNI. I found a fat green wire, but that's actually the only wire that's even connected to a screw. Plus, all the TNI box pictures and videos online show two screws directly next to one another. I was thinking that maybe since my house has AT&T Uvese phone, that it is not able to be beige boxed. If this is the case, is there a way around it (a different version of a beige box that I can make)? Hopefully someone has run into this before. I would REALLY appreciate the help. If the TNI can be beige boxed, where do I put the allicator clips? If it can't be beige boxed, is there another option for this type of TNI? Also, what is that clear plastic piece in the middle of the right side of the box? It has two green wires running to it from the left side, two blue wires running to it from the right side and a big flat metal screw in the middle of it? Thanks for any help you can give me.