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  1. Bleachbit is another good washer and file Deletion App.
  2. I see some of those Toshiba Recovery discs listed on torrent sites so maybe you could try that.
  3. This is not hacking. Reported
  4. You are going to push the poor bastard over the edge with the prank calls!
  5. What do you have to lose?
  6. I signed up for a bunch of trade magazines too and ended up getting most of them. Maybe it helps if you have a business? I even got the professional carwashing and detailing magazine but the best one so far is NASA Tech Briefs.
  7. I use a mini torch for screws and bolts that are frozen. The trick is to heat the screw quick and not let the flame do any damage to surrounding parts.
  8. That is really crazy. I do feel sorry for the poor guy but what the hell was he thinking to go along with that BS?
  9. I have seen people use hair spray in those cannons. Maybe you could try that. Some people also use Starter fluid.
  10. No gmail for me
  11. Thanks for posting this
  12. I like reading 2600 but always end up downloading it just like everything else. Thats a damn shame too because it could use some support.
  13. That last one looks like a scene out of Blade Runner. Party on!
  14. Screw 2600!!! Screw 2600!!..... feels good to jump on the bandwagon.