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  1. I don't use Facebook. Anyway I'm happy to go with the flow, there are about 6 talks I want to see. I'm a little tempted to enter a few contests, like the "Beverage" Cooling Contraption Contest and there was some PCB design one (although the rules made is sound less interesting), but I don't see myself lugging over my shit from the UK. I might do the cooling one if I can find the time/plumbing supplies and air compressor/and/or parts at the right price. Other than that I don't really have any plans, as I'll just do whatever I feel like when I'm there.
  2. I'll be in Vegas from Wednesday to Monday (little busy on the Wednesday day time) but I'd be up for a meetup.
  3. haha, yeah. They seem to be really pushing their tickets this year. They will even look up flights/ travel plans for you. I guess sales are not at a point where they want or they just want more people. I will say from their schedule there are a handful for interesting talks I'd like to see, but I can only make one con a year. I also don't really get the whole hotel Pennsylvania thing, there are loads of cheap hotels and hostels in NYC which are clean and fairly nice. The hotel Pennsylvania is a shit hole that should be fixed up or ripped down. I'm sure they could find somewhere else to have future HOPE's.
  4. Why is it not a good idea? He stands by what he did. Not everyone in the "hacker scene" seems to think he is a rat. I think he should come to HOPE and Defcon. There, if people can act like adults, there can be discussion about where/how these lines get drawn (again, pointing to the fact that this is *not* a clear cut issue). Well ruling out any of the so called threats on his life, there will still be people out to fuck with him. Asking people to act like adults when their around friends and intoxicated is a hard thing to ask. I think his best bet would to be to do a few interviews and then keep his head down for a year until it blows over. From his augments alone makes me dislike him, I have no personal issues with the man but to me a rat is a rat, whether its clear cut or not.
  5. What a douchebag. They say he is going to DefCon and Hope this year, that is not a great idea on his part.
  6. I'm very happy, can you tell me the anthropological significance of lolcats in the community?
  7. I would have thought unless it was one of those Xerox style photocopiers that are networked and replace the need for an additional laser printer a hard drive would be a waste of money from a manufacturing stand point, as you really only need a gigs at the very most if its a one user at a time unit, even with an auto-feeder for the document.
  8. Yeah. Also car whisperer still works, nothing quite like putting voices in peoples head while they wait for their coffee at Starbucks
  9. Well I remember seeing photo's from two or more of them. I'm not sure where they had it last year or the year before.
  10. now that is some scary shit... and i thought that google was the one violating everyones privacy.... O_O http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/ They would most likely just give you their data if you asked
  11. You did run /etc/init.d/wicd start ?
  12. I'm not really a fan of Android myself, as app support across the sea of hardware is not what it should be. But at a hardware level it looks cool, I think it will be a tech toy and user support will be a joke at best like what Nokia do, so you are not going to see your granny using one. If it has host USB support I'll go out and buy one when they comes out, if not i'll just wait until they come on the market used for $30. Right now the ClarionMIND looks good for the price and the size, as I've seen them for under $120 new and its trivial at best to get it working how you want and with the OS you want.
  13. Can you specify what "things illegal" were being done in the name of hacking in the time-frame "just before there was Unix" please? Before Unix there were people who Used "Phreaking" because AT&T Company Existed as a Phone Exchange and a Dial-Up Provider. Peoples are of Every color. They are From a great "Hacker" to a Great "Explorer". Belive me or Not "Anarchists" are everywhere, So were they Back then ! Damn, they only had dial-up back then in the 60's? Poor bastards, I don't know how they managed. I wonder what facebook was like back then?
  14. so if I were to try to intercept and unencrypt traffic... what would one do You could look into vpn man in the middle attacks.
  15. Most run Windows POS (Point of Sale) or Windows Piece Of Shit as its commonly known to anyone that has had the unpleasantness of working with it. Some also use Windows XP for embedded systems. Traffic is run through a VPN.