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  1. shhhh if you want the cisco curriculum I have the 4 semesters of the CCNA
  2. isnt it smaller and has worse quality, use ogg. Although I know nothing when it comes to mulitmedia stuff.
  3. Some people might already know this, but I just found out (i always seem to be a little slow on events). When I screwed up on something I decided to just do a new install, I remembered that I let someone have my Debian 3.0 cd that rax gave me and I had to get a new iso. I went to download the iso and I saw that in the net install download area (http://www.debian.org/CD/netinst/), it said " Official net install images for the 'testing' releaseThe images are only intended for testing the new installer for sarge. The installer is still under development, so the installation may fail.". I wanted to try it so I downloaded it and installed it on my 2nd computer to test, and I am sitting here with it and it is very different from what I expected, but I LIKE IT. The entire installation process is done in text, not ncurses like before, or not like x11 like I expected (they did, rather are doing that in woody.). It seems to have a freeBSD feel to it. All the selections are done by a menu system (choose 1 if you want this 2 ...) The only thing I don't like is that they do not have a choice to install the 2.4 kernel only the 2.2, which I am sure will change soon (also I am using the net installer not the full). If you want you can try it out for yourself, I like it because it kinda keeps with the Debian tradition, difficulty to install for new people, yet it has the complexity that an expert needs, or something like that. :voteyes:
  4. or just issue the command hostname # hostname *****
  5. I listen to...The Beatles, they are my favorite band. I usually listen to oldies if I don't listen to oldies, which I have not listened to recently because of all the commercials. I listen to talk radio or NPR (National Public Radio) which is very good, when they don't tell you news or interviews they play classical or jazz.
  6. >I just got the trial version from their site and the installation goes pretty smoothly, I hope my question is not a stupid one like the last (on linux or windows) but what trial version?
  7. are you asking for windows apps or for Linux?
  8. I am trying to hold myself back. First, the programs people use in Linux are done by programmers in their spare time. They are not paid, some people forget that when the attack Linux. So if you want something the Linux community assumes that you will do it yourself, refer to Linus's quote "when men were men, and they wrote their own drivers". Linux is trying to reach out to the desktop users by designing programs for desktop users. That is why Debian started a desktop project, now people will be working on making Debian more for desktop users. There is much more activity in the Linux desktop area. Linux is not only for servers. I hear from other people, like a person in my scout troop, I use Linux for my server. Yes Linux has more than 50% of the server market. Many don't try Linux as their PRIMARY computer because of reasons like: I don't want to learn something new, it is very hard to use (no it is not), it has so many problems (and windows does not?!), I have programs on windows that I don't want to lose (you can gain programs on Linux that are better and legally free). They also install Linux as a server, then not use it, they don't want to expand on its capabilites and its performance like they have Linux as a web server, they leave it there and don't bother to put a FTP server on it or put a mail server on it. HARNESS LINUX /*edited here because i don't know how to use the quote feature here(sorry)*/ >The second issue with the apps is the loading speed. I can open 2 apps on my XP >machine, in the same time it takes to open Mozilla on linux. Users want speed. they >don't care if they have to sign their life away to M$. if those apps load fast, they want it. /*end edit*/ I am not sure what kind of hardware you are using. If you are using an AMD K62 128 ram vs. an AMD athlon 256 ram, then YES you will notice a difference! Also there are so many other variables involved, like if you are using an old kernel, a newer kernel would be better. /*begin edit*/ oh yeah, my linux box starts up in about 30 seconds, I will be sure to post the real time, even the avg. time /*end edit*/ I need to stop before I get myself in trouble (i probably already did) sorry if i offended anyone but the truth should be out there. :pengy:
  9. they also have the debian based firewall that boots off of a cd called Gibraltar (the place where John and Yoko were married.) :pengy: for the linux users, I found this Very funny http://ars.userfriendly.org/cartoons/?id=19990301 i went on to about 30 comics after that one, and they were all funny.
  10. amen! preach on! don't go back!
  11. i am running debian on my main machine and free bsd on the secondary duron machine. I just reformatted a pentium to be my test machine for my OS.
  12. not fair
  13. I bet it is going to be a journaled FS
  14. I bet that the new windows will have middle button usage. And a lot of other things that linux has, kids at school are saying it will have vitrual desktops, that is the basis for my opinion.
  15. sign up for the weekly newsletter and you can get all the latest news about which packages don't have maintainers and what packages got updated or added, security updates, and everything else. Debian rules the Linux world!